We Call It Bedlam

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We call it Bedlam. I am referring to the regular season ending game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys. When talking about this game, bedlam is the perfect word. Trust me, I Google searched it. It was defined as: a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion. Bedlam is the precise adjective – especially for the game in Norman this Saturday, December 3rd.

I expect Oklahoma Memorial Stadium to be packed and causing a celebratory commotion before, during, and hopefully after the game. It really is a big deal. For the first time, the Big XII Championship will be decided in Norman. We’re not supposed to officially call it the Big XII Championship game. But it is the game that decides tbe Big XII champions. Confusing? Blame the league. Anyway, the Cowboys will be fighting against the Sooners –  inner-state rivals for all the Big XII marbles. I am still hearing rumblings regarding the miracle of a playoff berth with a win. I’m all for an early Christmas gift, but let’s speak realistically shall we? Not even the healthiest dose of Sooner Magic could make that happen. Spare me the “anything can happen” mentality, please. Face it, kids the Sooners are NOT going to be playing in Georgia, Arizona, or Florida this season. They do however have a chance to go to New Orleans to play in the Sugar Bowl.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though. The road to the Sugar Bowl starts in Norman Saturday. And it won’t be as easy as I’ve heard many over confident fans say. The last regular season game for the Sooners and Cowboys is, as mentioned before is being played to crown the Big XII champions and send the champs to NOLA for a Sugar Bowl title.

Should the Sooners prevail, this would be their 8th trip to the Sugar Bowl. As Sooner fans I think it’s safe to say the last time they were there we “shocked the world” by beating Alabama 45-31. If the Cowboys win, I will not only be personally destroyed but the Pokes will then make back to back appearances. Last season they were there and faced Ole Miss in which they lost 48-20. The first time they were there was in 1946 and played – and beat – Saint Mary’s Gaels. We all know what happened next. Oklahoma State was name National Champions for that 1945 season. It took 71 years for it to happen, but hey, a championship is a championship, right? I think they’re still drinking champagne from Pistol Pete’s boots to celebrate the occasion. Bless their hearts.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a big day in Norman, Saturday. Though I despise the 11:30 a.m. kickoff I am immensely eager for the game. As usual, I will be there on the front row sporting crimson and cream and root, root, rooting for the home team. The weather report tells me I may need to wear a rain poncho, but come rain or shine I will be there as the proud, loyal Sooner fan that I am.

I was asked recently why I’m not “trash talking” the opponent. It’s really very simple. I have a lot of friends that are State fans, and I respect and adore most of them. It only makes sense, right? I mean when you’re born and raised in Oklahoma not EVERYONE you know is going to make the right choice. Plus Pokes fans like intelligent Sooner fans. It’s the whole “opposites attract” theory. You know, after the election and the crazy amount of disagreements and torn friendships I witnessed, the last thing I want to do is get in a nasty war of words with a longtime friend over a football game – regardless of its importance. I would rather let the “talking” be done on the field. Even though I have heard plenty against my team, I am electing to just take it with a grain of salt. After all, I honestly think it’s going to be a very close game. I also HATE having to eat my words so I have learned to scale back on the trash talking. But seriously, my orange  (enter choking sound here) wearing friends, stop being so sensitive when we refer to you as Little Brother. That is a valid name and you should be happy we even consider you part of the family.

Also, I will be attending the game with an Okie Lite fan. (and another Sooner fan) The ride home is going to be bad enough for the loser, why add insult to injury? I did my Sooner civic duty by letting her in on the weather report. I hope she listens and dresses warm. In fact I hope all the State fans that are in attendance stay warm and dry. I know they will be wearing hats to cover their ears. How else are they going to keep their thoughts in?

Bedlam – it’s what’s going to happen this Saturday. I don’t dare make a prediction. What I will say that will happen for sure is one of the 2 teams will win. It will be the team with the most points and that team will represent the Big XII in the Sugar Bowl – most likely against Auburn. I also believe it will be a good game and a close score. Both teams are 9-2 and the Sooners are ranked 7th  and the Pokes 11th in the AP polls.It’s going to be war on Owen Field. I just hope I can be belting out my best Def Leppard impression of Pour Some Sugar On Me all the way home.

Boomer Sooner!

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​**This is for my friend Crystal.**

Have you ever seen Fever Pitch? It’s the movie starring Jimmy Fallon as an all-in, avid Boston Red Sox fan. He meets Drew Barrymore’s character during the off season and tries to warn her about his “passion” for the Sox. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with it because, well she only knows the “off season” guy. Spring training begins and she slowly starts to discover just how truly obsessed – in her eyes, unhealthily – he is with the Sox. She does, however go to the home opener with him even though she doesn’t know even the basics about baseball. Fallon’s character was so smitten though that he decided he would be patient and teach her so she too could become just as obsessed and they can live happily ever after staring at the Green Monster in Fenway Park. Of course it has a happy ending – it has Drew Barrymore after all. No, this is not a movie review, it is just a forerunner to what this story is really about.

So – if you saw the movie – you’ll remember the season ticket holding fans and friends of our male lead were not particularly thrilled with this chick that was intruding on their sacred territory. She made it clear she knew jack shit about the game by asking what the Curse of the Bambino was and couldn’t pronounce Yastrzemski. These other folks have a master’s degree in Boston Baseball and they didn’t have the time, nor the patience, to understand the attraction that was happening right before their very eyes. Not even an Al Waterman sponge could soak up the lack of baseball knowledge this chick had.

I know you’re asking yourself, why is she rambling about a baseball movie when it’s in the middle of football season? Let me explain. This Saturday when the Sooners face Baylor in Norman I am taking a couple of friends that have never been to a football game. Now I know you’re thinking: “She has friends that haven’t ever been to a football game?” Yes. Yes I do. Not only have they never been to a game, they aren’t really football fans. So, the moral to the above story is I believe I am going to be in the same dilemma as Jimmy Fallon’s character. I like my friends a lot actually, but they have already begun to ask some questions that make me wonder if I can get by with celebrating Halloween a couple of weeks late and wear a costume that will completely disguise me.

No, instead of being totally embarrassed by my no football knowledge having friends I thought I would give them a crash course in the game so my other friends and fellow season ticket holders will not give them a hard time and/or glare at me as if I brought an infectious disease to sit with us and spread throughout the beautiful, newly renovated stadium. I am a good friend.

So here we go, here is my syllabus for said crash course:

Lesson 1:

  • You must wear something with crimson or cream, the combination of both, or anything that is close to either shade. You may NOT wear anything green or yellow. ANYTHING. I’m not saying you have to go purchase a new Sooner wardrobe (although how fun would that be?) I’m just saying that if you wear anything close to Baylor related colors you may be in trouble. Not only from the surrounding fans, but keep in mind we sit directly next to the tunnel the Bears will run in and out of. Being on the first row, I fear a couple of them may see your obnoxious colors in a sea of Sooner red and try to rape you.

Lesson 2:

  • Explain Baylor rape allegatioms to friends.

Lesson 3:

  •  The players are wearing are uniforms, not “outfits.” The only Coach on the field will be the actual football coaches. And yes, the players must wear their pants that tight because this is the only form of entertainment you may get if you find you still don’t care for the game. I know you mentioned that said pants should be longer to avoid “grass rash.” But no, as a season ticket holder I can NOT put this in the suggestion box of the designers of the “outfits.”

Lesson 4:

  • The Red Zone is the area of the field between the 20- yard line and the goal line. This is called suchfor both teams. It is not the red zone for Oklahoma only because it matches the school colors, so please don” ask why there is not a green or yellow zone on the field to represent Baylor.

Lesson 5:  

  • A tight end is not a player that just looks good in the above mentioned short pants and has an ass that appears you can bounce a quarter off of. (yes fellas, we girls also use that term) Although, the majority of tight ends do fall into that description, it is an actual position in the game of football in which the player is both an eligible receiver and who will step into some plays and block the defense.
  • Icing the kicker has absolutely nothing to do with slathering the kicker with icing or frosting. Although this does sound somewhat enticing, it is a tactic used by head coaches in which a timeout is called immediately before he opposing team snaps the ballon a field goal..t is intended to psych out the opposing kicker and give him time to think about the kick.

Lesson 6:

  • Please do not giggle like a 12 year old boy when and if you hear the following terms at the game:

“Bangs his way to the 10 yard line”

“Stuffed him”

“In the slot”

“Long snapper”

“It’s all about the penetration”

“Fighting for every inch” – (girls, we know the struggle can be real, don’t we?)

“He’s going deep”

“Eight men in the box”

“Backfield is in motion”

Trust me girls, these are all legitimate football terms, it is not foreplay.

Lesson 7:

  • Offense is when your team (the Sooners) have the ball and score. We want them to score a lot. You will understand when this happens when the crowd is louder than normal, and you see the cute ponies and wagon run out on the field.
  • Defense is……..defense is………ummmmm…….. am Sooner fan. At this time I do not know what defense is.

I am hoping they can retain this valuable knowledge when we take our road trip to Norman this weekend. I hope they do not think any less of me when they actually see me at a live game and behave like a complete deranged lunatic. Most of all, I hope they see the Sooners victorious over the Bears. Boomer Sooner!

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Married to Sports

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It’s Thursday morning, November 3, 2016 and the Chicago Cubs have been World Series champions for approximately 9 hours. As a lifelong Cardinals fan I would be lying if I said I was super happy for them. I am however extremely happy with how I got to witness history and probably the best game 7 I have ever seen. I was on pins and needles and I didn’t even really care who won. Then when the rain delay happened I almost felt sorry for all the Cubs and Indian fans having the game and the elasticity of their nerves prolonged. I will say it’s been a while since I’ve been that happy to see guys stripping something off as I was when the field crew removed the tarp after a 17 minute delay. The suspense was killing me!  I’m also truly happy for my friends who are REAL Cubs fans as they get to celebrate this baseball dream.

Speaking of fans; I have never seen so many people suddenly become Cubs fans so fast. This bandwagon is the biggest I’ve seen in a really long time. I don’t know how it could fit any more “fans” on it. These kind of people really piss me off. It’s ok if you enjoy watching sports but those of you that pick a team to cheer for because they are winning need to just stop, stand up and get off the damn wagon. It” about to tip the hell over. Most avid sports fans have their teams whom they are very loyal to. Loyal fans love their team through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sure, they get ticked off when their team is not doing well but at the end of the day the loyal fan is a forever fan.

That’s who I am: a dedicated, loyal, crazy, avid, forever fan. I love my teams  – even when they infuriate me. I compare it to being married. I don’t have a ring from these teams, but I do have tattoos displaying my loyalty snd eternal love. People who aren’t into sports think it’s crazy. They’re probably right, but aren’t we all a little crazy in one way or another? I’ve had someone ask me, what have the Sooners/Steelers/Cardinals ever done for you? For one, each of these teams have won championships that I have been lucky enough to witness and that feeling alone is worth my commitment. The feeling when the clock hits zero and your favorite team that you’ve loved since childhood just won the biggest trophy their sport offers is a feeling of elation that you’ll never forget.

Not only do you get to brag to your friends who are fans of another team, it is such a proud feeling. As if you were on the field helping or had some major role in the ultimate victory. Let’s face it; we, as fans do play a major role – just ask any athlete. Most love to perform or play in a stadium full of adoring fans yelling and chanting their name. It’s gotta be rush. As I said before, it’s like being married. There’s not a man out there who doesn’t get off on hearing a woman yell his name after he’s completed a good performance. Not to mention, after a season of dating, you will also get a ring on your finger if you “win.”

But let’s not forget, you can win a championship and the next season, shortly after the ring ceremony things can go to hell real fast. (Hello, 2013 San Francisco Giants) In the off season, things change and the period of elation starts to fade and you’re stuck with the reality that maybe, just maybe you’re not as happy as you thought. The diamonds in the ring still shine, but you find yourself realizing that there’s more to life than a big ass, fancy display of “love” perched upon your hand.

Behind every consistently successful team there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes. The work doesn’t stop when the last whistle blows or buzzer sounds. No, the commitment is still there and as hard as it may be, you stick with your team even during the off season. It takes work and true team effort. You can’t just love them when they’re playing and winning. So people, STOP. Stop claiming to be a “real fan” because you decide to suddenly love the team that starts winning. Be loyal to the team you originally chose and if you don’t love them anymore it’s more than likely because they’re losing and you’re just not interested any longer. Don’t stray when your team has fallen on hard times. Be there to support them no matter what. Sure, they may be last in their division, may have gotten out of shape, a little older and may not bring in as much money as they used to, but you loved them once. Enough to claim them as your own. Don’t be the asshole that looks for another winning, younger team.

Apparently I am good at being a fan. I was a child bride. Maybe I should join the Sister Wives because I married the Sooners, Steelers, and Cardinals at a very young age. For the most part they have treated me well. I know this because my love for them has only grown throughout the years and I have learned to tolerate some bad habits that I am more than willing to put up with. Because my love is real. These guys are stuck with me. The only reason I can think of that would cause me to stray is if they were cheaters. You know, like sleeveless sweatshirt wearing, signal stealing cheaters.. believe my teams have more class and ethics to do such a thing to me though. They know if they ever cheated, I would make sure they get caught with deflated balls and be forced to sit out more than 4 games.

Congratulations to the loyal Cubs fans – it’s been a long time coming and I truly did enjoy watching history being made. And in such dramatic fashion! I have a feeling there wwre a whole lot of people calling in to work today in the cities of Chicago and Cleveland. I’m wondering how many paddles had to be used in both city’s ER’s to spark the hearts of sports fans back to pumping again. Well, the Cubs fans hearts are in good shape. The Tribe fans? I’m sure theirs will be broken for a while longer.

As for me, I will still remain, forever and always married to the Sooners, Steelers, and Cardinals. Til death do us part.

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Yes, I’m back. Not that I went on an exotic adventure or somewhere far away or anything so exciting. I did however decide to try my hand at writing for other sites, some of them pretty big ones. But as I learned my freshman year of college, I am not a rule follower. (Shocking, I know) It’s a bit amusing when I think about it. As a kid and teenager growing up I never broke any rules. Then college happened.

Now it’s not that I don’t understand and agree that one must remain professional and abide by the rules when it comes to published articles. I can and have done it many times. I totally get it. But this is exactly why I started this little venture of mine in the first place. I found I don’t enjoy following guidelines and refraining from using “those words.” You know, mostly the 4 letter variety. I am very expressive and sometimes use colorful language to be so. Those other sites, don’t appreciate it, and it’s ok. I’ve actually met some really cool people that I hope to continue the relationship with. Especially the guys at SportsNewsMagazine. (Yes, that was a shameless plug for my friends) But, after finding that I had a horrible case of writer’s block I stepped back and realized it wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to say, but because I wasn’t allowed to be me. And if you know me, I cannot be restricted. I’m going to tell a story and I’m going to do it my way. If you don’t like the language I sometimes use, then stop reading. I am who I am, and just because I may drop the proverbial “F” bomb every now and again does not necessarily make me a bad person. Well, I guess it’s all in how said F word is used.

Speaking of the F bomb. My beloved Oklahoma Sooners…….WHAT THE FUCK? Now, I realize Houston is a really good team, and goes without saying that Ohio State is really, really good, but come on! We were at home and to lose so badly really did hurt my heart. I will say, that game was one of the best times I’d had at a losing game, but the sting is still there. Did I expect us to go in there and march out victorious? I’m not going to lie. I had my doubts, but I really did think it was going to be a better game. Our defense sucked. Our offense was not great and the only player I can say that really appeared to be working was Joe Mixon. I’m not saying our players did not try, this is strictly my opinion. Mike Stoop’s defense has not impressed me at all so far this season and the Baker Mayfield high we were all on last year has seemed to turned into a mere Boone’s Farm buzz. I think I’m still waiting for Samaje Perine to break out, but only time will tell.

Let me say this, the fans did their job. We showed up, we striped the stadium and we were loud. Memorial Stadium was rocking – even after an hour and a half weather delay. Also, I have to admit Buckeye fans travel real well. My estimate is 10,000 of them. There were a lot, and the ones I had the pleasure of meeting and sitting with were all very pleasant, even when we were getting our Sooner red asses handed to us on a Buckeye gray platter. We sat with the infamous Buckeye Man and still managed to have a good time. (I publically apologize, Buckeye Man for accusing you of being BuckHIGH.) What I didn’t enjoy is hearing the team lead their fans in the “Basic Defense” chant after the game.

Pic:Fun withthe Buckeye Man

For those of you that don’t know the story behind the chant, here is the short version: OU freshman, backup QB Austin Kendall in an interview referred to Ohio State’s defense as being “basic” and said Mayfield would “light them up.” Did not happen. This comment went viral and there were t-shirts made and sold throughout Buckeye Nation and there were even bulletin boards made. Remember, Kendall is still just an 18 year old kid who probably got a time out from Bob Stoops, but come on. I know MAYBE he meant it as some sort of football term, but it was bad karma and gave the Buckeyes even more fuel that Saturday night. And they ignited it.

So here we are 1-2. Thank God we had a bye week this past Saturday. Not only did I get some housework done, but I had a stress free football afternoon. (Shout out to the Steelers for ruining a perfectly good weekend yesterday) Now this Saturday the Sooners travel to Ft. Worth to kick off Big XII play against the 21st ranked, 3-1 TCU Horned Frogs. Once again this game makes me nervous. Not to mention the following week is the Red River Shootout in Dallas. Don’t get me wrong, I have mad love for my Sooners – always have, always will, but this very well may be the longest season ever. I will not be going to the game in Ft. Worth, but I will be watching it on tv. At home. Where I cannot be kicked out for throwing things or cursing loudly. I go to the OU-Texas games most years but I still have not solidified any plans. (Who am I kidding, I’ll be there) I suppose any loyal fan knows the pain I speak of when your team is not living up to your expectations. But maybe that’s the problem, as fans maybe our expectations are set a little too high.

All I know is, the Sooners can still win the Big XII and I still believe. I refuse to let the thought of a team from Texas winning the conference enter my head along with the I hate Texas voices. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. My prediction is we go into Horned Frog territory and come out winners and then put Texas in their place the next week. (Their place being in the pile of Bevo shit from which they emerged.)

It’s good to be back. Thanks for reading.

P.S. Enjoy that 19th hole, Arnold Palmer. You played a hell of a round on earth.

Until next time, Boomer Sooner.

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It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything. I have had a massive case of writer’s block. It’s not as though I have been uninspired or there hasn’t been anything to write about. There definitely has been plenty. I suppose nothing in the sports world lately has given my head a reason to put words to paper. Until now – and I must warn those of you who read my stories looking for a good laugh, you’re not going to find one here. Instead I simply felt the need to pour my heart out and this is the way I have chosen to do so.
As I have said before, I grew up on a baseball field. Before I could walk I was crawling on one. When I was around 8 or 9 years old my dad allowed me to become the official “bat girl’ for his team. I don’t remember being all that excited, after all I spent the majority of my time in and around the dug out anyway. Little did I know the impact of this “title” would have on me for the remainder of my life. I learned more about the sport of baseball in the dugout as a bat girl than I did playing softball for several years. It was a hot, dirty, sometimes exhausting job but I loved every single minute of it and have forever memories that bring a smile to my face.
That smile has been erased this week as I read the stories of Kaiser Carlile. This cute, little, bespectacled boy was 9 years old, living the dream of many young kids when he tragically lost his life Sunday after being accidentally hit by a practice swing of a player on deck. This ripped at my heart as if I knew him. Perhaps I did – not Kaiser personally, but so many others like him. I was like him. I can’t seem to erase this beautiful from my mind. When his dad spoke about him Monday and said his son cared about everyone and had a love for the game I cried. Again.
One story said his mother was in the stands and saw it all. It is unimaginable and I hope and pray with all my heart it’s not true. The thought of this woman having to watch her child get hit, go down, stand up only to fall back down again and then his limp body being picked up by one of the players is almost unbearable for me. Even as I am writing this I am wondering why I am taking this tragedy so personally – why can’t I read just one article without my eyes filling with tears?
Is it motherly instinct? My love for the game of baseball? Maybe because I can remember how Kaiser felt being in the dug out with guys he looked up to and hoped to be like some day. Perhaps it’s knowing that something considered by many as America’s pastime innocently took a little boy way too soon just doing something he loved to do. There is no blame, it was purely accidental – a freakish, tragic accident. They haven’t even given the name of the player who was on deck. I hope it is never given. That young man has now and forever been scarred and my heart hurts for him as much as it does for Kaiser’s family.
I know now baseball leagues around the country will be contemplating the future of the bat boy/girl role. The national Baseball Congress – the league in which the Liberal Bee Jays play have decided there will be no more bat boys or girls for the remainder of their World Series. If you haven’t kept up with this story the Bee Jays are the team Kaiser loved being part of. I understand there will be changes – of course there will – but I really and truly hope the tradition isn’t taken away completely. I know in the majors there is an age rule, and I’m ok with that. The helmet rule is really a no brainer – and yes, Kaiser was wearing his at the time of the incident. I just hope this tragedy doesn’t diminish the role and dream of so many kids. Although I didn’t know him, I can’t help but believe Kaiser wouldn’t want that.

The Bee Jays felt the same way. After their little “spark plug” was taken away in an ambulance the team met on the field and decided Kaiser would want the game and tournament to go on. The opposing team and officials were willing to go along with whatever decision was made. That Saturday night, after 13 innings – the longest innings of these players’ lives I’m sure, they came out victorious. They did it for Kaiser. The next day the team won again. And again they did it for Kaiser. Sadly, following that game the team learned their little team-mate had not been so victorious.
Today is Tuesday and the team has a game. A big game. If they win they move on to the championship. As the players take the field they are playing for something much more than a trophy. They are wearing the initials KC and fans and players from the majors on down are doing the same. I even took a Sharpie and printed those very initials on my wrist. I wanted to be reminded of how blessed I truly am and now Kaiser will help remind me to count those blessings.
So tonight when the Liberal Bee Jays take the field I will be cheering for them. I’m confident I will not be alone. This team will take the field of dreams that has now turned into a field of tears and they will play their hearts out for Kaiser. I hope they feel all of our hearts on the field with them. Go Bee Jays. Do it for Kaiser.

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The time has finally arrived. The time of year when we can finally once again say, “It’s game week!” Although it has been 8 months, to a true college football fan it seems like a lifetime. I’m certain by now, if you are reading this you know I am a crimson bleeding, Boomer yelling Oklahoma Sooner fan and was born and raised that way. I do however try to remain a realist and avoid being over confident as I am, after all a diehard Sooners fan. As any true fan, the Sooners have made me laugh, they’ve made me cry, they’ve made me happy, and they’ve even made me want to punch a wall. One thing for certain is I love them and always will and will forever consider myself part of the Sooner nation and Sooner Faithful.

With all that being said, let’s talk about pre-season rankings – or my hatred of them. Call me a cynic, but how are these rankings really determined? I suppose I understand the Florida State pre-season number 1 pick. They are after all the reigning national champs and still led by the Heisman winning quarterback. Do the voters go to the spring games and practices to determine this or are they just putting top 10ish teams in a hat and drawing them out?

Please understand, I, in no way think Oklahoma should have been ranked number 1 in any poll. (Sporting News did) Remember, I’m the girl who loathes pre-season rankings. Truth be told, I would rather my team start further down the list than at number 3 ? which the majority of the polls have them at. Oklahoma always plays the underdog role very well. Let me say though, I can’t help but question how they justify putting Alabama above Oklahoma. After all, they lost their golden boy quarterback AJ McCarron and I haven’t read of anything magical happening at Bama since an Oklahoma can of Whoop Ass was opened up on them in the Sugar Bowl. Perhaps it?s the SEC factor that so many writers and broadcasters seem to worship. All I know is, I did enjoy the way Bob Stoops prepared the Sooners to roll the Tide and laughed when Nick Saban said his players didn’t really care about the game. They looked like they cared when they first took the field. They looked like they cared as long as the game remained close. Nick Saban got bitch slapped by Bob Stoops that night and he had no other excuse to use.

BUT, it is a new season. I am reading a plethora of tweets and Facebook from my fellow beloved Sooner Nation members already printing up National championship shirts. It bothers me ? not because I don’t have faith in my team ? but because we have yet to see one snap to be played. It is a long season ahead and there’s a lot of football to be played before I can even start considering rankings to be accurate. Oh believe me; I will be in the stadium sweating with 85,000 others when the mighty Sooners take the field Saturday. I will be holding up the “number 1” as the ball is kicked each and every time and I will do it with pride. I will be clapping so hard my palms hurt every time Boomer Sooner is played and I will get cold chills when the 2014 video plays pre-game despite the eleventy billion degree kick off temperature. I love the Sooners, but already saying they will be National Champions is unrealistic. Honestly, isn’t it for any team? It does nothing but cause a bigger let down when and if that does not happen.

The books in Vegas have Oklahoma beating Louisiana Tech Saturday night by 38 points. 38 points! Yes, they are a much smaller school, but in my opinion, they are still a team that shouldn’t be totally overlooked. We sure don’t want to have a Michigan-Appalachian State moment. That is a huge number to cover for a season opener without having seen either team play. I think if the game is under control, Bob will start using second stringers early in the second half. (I’ll go out on a limb and say Oklahoma by 21 ? but there is no way in hell would I lay money on this game.) I cannot wait to merge with the masses of Crimson wearing Sooner fans Saturday and finally get to see the team that is getting so much pre season attention. I can’t wait to see Trevor Knight prove he will not suffer from the freshman curse. I can’t wait to see Eric Striker literally strike fear in the opposing teams offense ? he is definitely my favorite Sooner at the moment. And more than anything, I can’t wait to celebrate our first of many victories no matter how many points the scoreboard says we win by. Being in Norman on game day and in the stadium is one of the best feelings in the world. If you’re reading this and haven’t had the chance to do so, you really must. Why not make it this Saturday? We all know it will be sold out but according to Mike Fletcher , President of Totally Tickets, they do have 400 available as of right now – but you better hurry! ( totallytickets.com/ncaa-football/ou-football-tickets. )
Please don’t take this article as me not having confidence in my team. I just am a firm believer that the game needs to be played on the field e game at a time on and I have yet to see any team play – so how can I determine who should be ranked number 1? But believe me when I say, the Oklahoma Sooners was, is and will always be number 1 in my heart. I look forward to them showing everyone else why they should be.

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The term “bracketology” should be changed to “crackology” because every Mid March I become addicted to brackets. Blame social media. Blame my upbringing. Blame the dirty, satanic sports websites that push this drug on me. I keep getting “requests” to join their bracket challenges. They know I can’t say no. One would think I would find some pleasure from this chaos they call the NCAA Championship Tournament, but it is impossible when all I can focus on is having a winning bracket. I may need an intervention. Yes, my name is Leesa and I am an addict.

I have 15 or so scattered brackets across my work desk as clearly Bracketology has become my full time job.  As I plow through the pile I ask myself why. Why do I torment myself every single March only to be disappointed and ashamed of my failure. WHY? Do I really love it or at this point is it simply a challenge? Are these brackets that clutter my workspace like the hot guy in high school that I tried so desperately to get to notice me and once he did I figured out maybe he’s really not that hot after all?


Although I really do love college basketball, I must admit this is really more about the challenge than my love for the game. I have been filling these things out for years and each and every year I fail. Miserably. I – just one time – want to be the March Madness winner at work. Not because there’s some really cool prizes, but because I want to win, dammit. I typically complete 5-6 different brackets outside the office, but since I co-exist with these people 5 days a week, I long to have office  bragging rights – even if I win on lucky guesses. I want to come into work with my head held high and give the true number one finger instead of the middle one to the jerk that won.

So today I began the NCAA tourney journey. I completed an online bracket early in the day. I decided to take a different approach and I didn’t allow myself to think too hard (if really at all) about my choices. I have Arizona winning that bracket. (I actually clicked submit) What the hell was I thinking??? Oh yeah, I wasn’t. I am considering it a warm up to the one that really counts. I have committed myself to 4 more outside-of-work pools and I will complete those before I take on THE bracket. The online brackets for some reason don’t seem to hurt as much when you see the updates and see just how bad you suck picking tournament winners. It’s the hand written one for work that causes me stress and anxiety. I have to look at it and see my own handwriting and know I actually had to put some thought into the choice if I was willing to write it. I have a yellow highlighter for those teams that continue on and a pink for the eliminated teams. A lot of love the color pink. Most of the time I don’t really mind it, but this time of year the color pink can fuck right off.

I waste a lot of time looking and browsing websites in hopes that I see an “experts” bracket that speaks to me, but it never happens. Besides, I would feel dirty by simply copying the answers like I did in college algebra. (That didn’t work for me either) And there lies the problem. I create the headache myself by thinking way too hard. I should not be spending the majority of my day concentrating  on filling out a college basketball tournament bracket. I have a lot more important things that require my attention. Too damn bad. It is BRACKET TIME, people. Work can wait.

At the time of this writing, I have no idea who I am going to have in the Final Four on the office bracket. I know it will be very difficult to not follow my heart when it comes to moving my beloved Oklahoma Sooners into the Sweet 16. I can say quite confidently that I will do so, but after that I am afraid I can’t take them further.  Sooners coach Lon Kreuger has done pretty well in past tourneys and if he takes the Sooners to the Sweet 16 I will be satisfied. It’s easy to type that, but you better believe I will be faithfully cheering my Sooners on come game time. Another thing I know is, as crazy as it sounds, I am going to pick Tulsa to upset UCLA in the first round. I have to show some love for the hometown boys.

Perhaps letting my heart pick winners could be the major reason I don’t fare so well in the evil empire known as Bracketology. Here’s one thing I wish: I hope the basketball Gods look down at me and bitch slap me across the face if I should dare to put Duke in the Final Four. Every year I do this and every year they screw me like a Blue Devil lacrosse player. Don’t get me wrong, I love Coach K and I have always loved Duke basketball, but this is the year I must tear away from printing their name in the Final Four box. I must be strong.


So here we go, folks, let the selections begin. I wish you all the best of luck – unless I work with you . If I work with you, may your bracket suck worse than mine. Maybe this could really be my year. Just maybe I can be crowned Queen of the NCAA Tournament and ride on a float with a tiara and a large bouquet of flowers waving to the crowd like the winner I am. As long as the flowers aren’t pink.

They don’t call it “Madness” for nothing.

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