Real Ladies Hate Texas

Posted: August 12, 2017 in Uncategorized
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It’s Saturday, August 12th. 3 weeks, 21 days, 7 hours and 6 minutes (at the time i am typing this) from the kick off of Sooner football. But who’s counting?


I’m certain I have made it pretty apparent that I am a Sooner fan. Anyone who knows the minimum about me understands the passion behind this fact. My family and friends also know my detestation of Texas. (If you’re a Texas fan, that word means I have deep dislike. I know, words with more than 2 syllables are hard for those of you that like burnt orange) With that being said, there are 63 days left until my beloved Sooners make that annual trek to the Cotton Bowl to play “that” team. (Again, who’s counting?)

In early preparation I have ordered the perfect cap for a girl such as myself. Plain white lid with TEXAS SUX in beautiful crimson. Nothing fancy – just my style with the simple statement. This will most likely become my favorite piece of headwear and I plan on displaying it prOUdly as much as possible. Why am I telling you about a cap that displays my feelings for Texas? It’s not as if you didn’t already know. Let me explain.

First, let me give you a visual. Here is a picture of the hat:

After posting a picture of said cap on social media I received a couple of comments telling me how “unladylike” it is to wear such a thing in public. Really? Have you met me??? Your definition of “ladylike” is questionable. These comments were from females by the way. There are worse things that can be said than TEXAS SUX. Last time I checked I lived in the United States and this gives me the right to freedom of speech. Not only do I have this freedom, I also have the right to my own opinion. My opinion just happens to be the truth. Texas does indeed suck.

If my wearing this cap offends you, then you should be over the edge in disappointment once I get the matching shirt. I can and will wear these articles of clothing and still be a lady. It’s clear that these comments came from judgmental women who have not been in my company while I’m actually watching sports.

During game time I will yell. If I amnot at the actual game and watching on tv, I have been known to toss a remote. (or 2) And believe it or not I have been heard cursing like a sailor. Including dropping the forbidden, “unladylike” F bomb. I am a woman, I love football, and I will show my passion for the things and people I love. If you have a problem with it, I don’t really give a shit. (<——— unladylike curse word.)

It’s time people realize that girls can be avid sports fans as much as guys. There is nothing wrong with me showing the love for my team and/or my unapproval of a team that wears ugly ass (<———-unladylike word) burnt orange and has an upside down uterus as thier team logo. Speaking of the uterus, I was born with one. That simple fact right there automatically qualifies me as a lady. After I was born, I was raised to loathe any team south of the Red River and I have carried on that family tradition fittingly and enthusiastically. My dad would be proud.

I firmly believe that ANY fan from the great state of Oklahoma should feel the same. Even those fans of the bright orange. They should also be proud Texas haters. We are all all Oklahomans and we should ALL equally hate Bevo’s team. Poke fans, you too should display this message proudly. I don’t even care if the words are printed in bright orange. We, as citizens of the great SOONER state should unite and show the world that TEXAS SUX. I should run for governor on this platform.

The moral to this story is – don’t tell me I am unladylike or unrefined because I am passionate for not only my love of the Sooners but equally as passionate for the hatred of our rivals. I am a loyal fan. I am a sports enthusiast. There are a hell (<———-unlady like word depending on how it’s used) of lot worse things than TEXAS SUX that could be said or displayed on my body. (There’s a good possibility there is) Don’t say I am not a lady just because your man likes to have a conversation with me about something you know nothing about. Chances are you have no desire to learn about sports and you are jealous because your husband or boyfriend dig chicks who enjoy the game of football and can actually speak intelligently on the subject.

I AM a lady, sweetheart. A lady who knows that it’s a fact that TEXAS SUX.

Bitches. (<————-unladylike word unless speaking of female dogs)


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