My Dear Lincoln Letter

Posted: June 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dear Lincoln,

         I know we don’t know each other very well, but that’s all about to change. I realize it hasn’t been a full day since Bob and I broke up, but I’m not the type of girl that dwells in the past. I must look ahead to the future, and as of yesterday you sir, ARE my future.

        Let me keep this real. Please try to understand my apprehension. But before Bob there was Howard and John. They really jerked me around and left me wounded and angry. But then Bob came along with his big game talk and captured my heart fairly quickly. And as you know, it was good for 18 and a half years. So, I am nowhere near ready to say you and I are destiny. That remains to be seen. I may have some unresolved trust issues, but I am working on that. 

I’m just a crazed fan/alum doing my best to move on. Don’t let the term “crazed” scare you. It’s not like I am going to be calling or texting you fifty times a day or hanging out outside your house or the locker room.


       Also, Lincoln you’re going to have to understand that I may never get over Bob. There will ALWAYS be a place in my heart for him. We had a long, happy relationship and I am still not to the “letting go” point. So, in those intimate game time moments if I scream out his name, please forgive me. I’ve seen you in a visor. You can pull it off, but not quite like him. Maybe I prefer a more mature man. Maybe I’m not comfortable with being labeled a cougar. Whatever it is, my feelings for Bob were and are real and probably will remain for a long time.

      That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give us a chance. I’m here and I’m open to whatever this becomes. I know you’re an intelligent guy and understand you are about to attempt to fill some really big shoes. Enormous shoes. And you know what they saw about a guy with big feet? That’s right, they beat Texas, Ok. State, and win big XII Championships.

       Not only do I like and/or prefer big feet, I also absolutely adore shiny things. Shiny things that sit on a shelf and shiny things that fit on a finger – not necessarily my finger. And Lincoln, if you really want to win my heart forever – and I’m sure this is your priority – bring me a National Championship shiny object. Bob did. Once. He tried more than once, but it wasn’t written in the stars. But he provided a LOT of bling in our time together. This is your chance to prove to me that not only can you wear Bob’s shoes but you can complain that they are too tight.

        I do appreciate how you are open to letting Bob remain in my life as a friend. There’s no need for jealousy, you just have to learn to grasp that he will always be there to support us. Your understanding in this matter shows me you may be more mature than I thought. You may be young, but so far it seems just maybe you’ve got this adulting thing down.

       SO here I am. Just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her. I’m sure I can learn to love you in return. Until then I will be supportive, positive, and only good words will fall from my lips when I speak your name. After all, we are now a couple and it is up to us to become a power couple.

     Just as I ended my “Dear Bob Letter” yesterday with a song lyric, I shall end yours with one as well. As Travis Tritt said back in the 90’s:

So what I really need to know is, can I trust you with my heart?

I’m ready for the Life of Riley.

Love and Boomer Sooner,


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  1. justjilligan0724 says:

    Lincoln Leesa sittin’ in a tree ❤

  2. justjilligan0724 says:

    tight shoes bahahahahahahahaha

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