Just a Girl Who Loves Sports

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’m just a girl who loves sports.

I’m a card carrying, certified, bonafide sports fan. It is in my dna. This is a fact, I am not embellishing.

For instance, I was practically born on a baseball field. Seriously, my mom was at the ball park watching my dad play and she went into labor. A friend went to the dug out to tell my dad that I was ready to slide into home plate and his response was, “Let me bat one more time.” True story. When I was old enough to understand this story I was not surprised at all. In fact I was somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t born on that field. That would have been a really cool story to tell. My name could have been Homer so easily.

 I worked for a minor league hockey team a few years ago. The first time I worked game night I went down by the ice to watch warm ups. The view was amazing but it wasn’t the best choice I have ever made. I got nailed in the ribs with a puck that came from a fairly close range. It really did hurt but I made sure I retrieved said puck and kept it as a souvenir – along with some colorful bruising that seemed to last a good three weeks. It was a proud moment. A proud and painful moment.

I have stories – a lot of stories – that come from the many different sporting events I have been to. But none that compare to my dad and his best friend making their way – I’m sure illegally – to the enemies end zone of the Cotton Bowl and “relieving” themselves on the burnt orange X after Oklahoma lost to that other team in the Red River Rivalry back in the 80’s. I tell about the incident proudly as it’s one of my favorite stories. Who else can say their daddy literally pissed on Texas? I am somewhat glad it was in the 80’s so there is no video evidence or Facebook pics. I guess it would depend upon the angle…….

So here we are in June. The Pittsburgh Penguins are up 2 games to 1 against Nashville in the Stanley Cup playoffs. (That’s hockey for all my “football only” fanatics.) For the first time in like 25 years (don’t quote that number) the Detroit Red Wings didn’t make the playoffs which bummed me out. I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been paying too much attention to this series, but you better believe I will be watching when it comes time to watch the men with white gloves roll the cup out. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of tough hockey guys kissing a big ass silver cup and then skating around with it like it’s the hardest trophy in sports to win or something. (Please note the sarcasm in my type)

It’s starting to get hot outside which means the boys of summer are well into their season. My St. Louis Cardinals are playing mediocre so far. I know it’s only June, but they just got swept by the Cubs which really irritates the hell out of me. Now I realize there’s a whole lotta baseball to be played, but it’s going to be a long, unbearable summer if they don’t get their shit together. I will try to be patient, but I need the Cards to NOT get swept again.  Now as much as I love baseball, I will confess that this is definitely the time of year in which I start missing football like Shaquille O’Neal would miss free throws. Speaking of basketball…….

(How do you like THAT Segway???)

The NBA is coming to the season’s end as The Golden State Warriors are up 2 games in the Finals. Unlike last year I personally think they’re another 2 games away from the championship. I don’t see them blowing a lead this season – in fact I predict they will sweep the Cavs and make a perfect 16-0 playoff run and shower the trophy with sweet revenge kisses. It’s not impossible that Cleveland sneaks a victory in, but the way the Warriors are playing it seems as if they are unstoppable. (Prepare yourselves for the Golden State bandwagon to tip over) Now, I’m going to be honest, I don’t really care who wins. The only reason I want Golden State to win is because I don’t want to see Cleveland win again. And the only reason I would want the Cavs to win is because I am a bitter Oklahoma girl who is still holding a grudge against Kevin Durant for bolting from the Thunder to dance with Steph Curry and exchange rings with him. (I know there’s more of you out there who feel my dilemma.) Looks like he is going to get exactly what he went there for. With that being said I will leave the NBA portion of this article with 3 words – well 2 words and an acronym: RUSS WESTBROOK MVP!!!!

As much as Kevin Durant broke my heart – he is a Texas guy, I should have known better – I do have football to look forward to. As I was staring at my calendar today I got really excited. There are only 12 Saturdays until the Sooners kick off!!! Pre-season NFL will be starting before we know it and I will once again be telling everyone I will not be joining near as many Fantasy Football leagues as usually do. That is a lie. A big, fat lie. I will keep on and I will continue to complain about it. I am the reigning champion of a couple of those leagues so I have a title or 2 to defend. By the time football rolls around, maybe I will feel comfortable enough to share the story about when I was asked to leave Arrowhead Stadium for “stalking” Jim Harbaugh. Good story, but still not as entertaining as my dad peeing on that damn burnt orange X. Until then, we can all just dream about kick-off!!!

Oh, special shout out to the Lady Sooners for reaching the World Series Finals for the second year in a row. They’re facing number 1 seeded Florida as I type (0-0 top of the 4th)and hopefully my 10th seeded Sooners will defend their title and bring another championship home to the University of Oklahoma!!! Boomer Sooner!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer –

From a girl who loves sports.

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  1. JUST JILL says:

    Piss on Texas Homer!

  2. soonerleesa says:

    My daddy already did!

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