A Farewell to Football

Posted: January 24, 2017 in Uncategorized
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So here we are. Another football season has come and gone. Yes, I realize the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl have yet to be played but MY football season has ended. It didn’t end on a great note but it also was a pretty good year for my teams. My Oklahoma Sooners went on a 10 game winning streak to not only win the Big XII but also grabbed a Sugar Bowl championship against Auburn. (SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC u later.) My Steelers fought their way into the playoffs as a wild card and made it to the AFC Championship game. We all know what happened – or what didn’t happen there. They lost. They lost big.

Not only did I have to endure the painful taunting from the few Patriot fans I know I also had to watch Edwin McCain – one of my all time favorite singers/musicians sing the National Anthem IN A DAMN PATRIOT’S JERSEY. I should have seen the result coming at that moment. Edwin, you broke my heart and I am still suffering from PTSD from the vision more than 24 hours later. I’m not sure if there’s therapy for my ailment but I am willing to research it. Surely there’s a support group for this kind of thing.

Speaking of support groups; Hi, I’m Leesa and I am a Hatriot. Yes, you read that correctly. I have incessant hate for the Patriots. According to my social media pages, I am not alone. I think we should start our own support group and our first meeting should be Super Bowl Sunday. I have seen several posts in which people are saying they’re not even going to watch the game. I’d be lying if I said that thought never crossed my mind. It did. For a split second, but I know me better than that. Plus, I think the Falcons have a legitimate shot of beating the DeFlatriots. Atlanta looks damn good. If this happens I definitely want to watch New England go down. Needless to say, I am watching the game and I am cheering for the Falcons. 

It could be worse. Dallas could be playing the Pats in the big game. For me that would be like watching Satan split in half on a football field. So I guess there is a positive to this whole thing. That may be the one Super Bowl I couldn’t bring myself to watch. I don’t care how many kegs are at a party. There’s not enough booze in any bar that could make me enjoy watching those 2 teams playing for the Lombardi Trophy. Thank the football gods that this is not happening.

Someone at work today said they heard somewhere that if the Patriots win that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick might retire. I haven’t heard this personally but the thought of puts a smile on my face. My life would improve if I never had to see Bill in a hoodie again. Unfortunately though I’m almost sure Brady would go into broadcasting so I would still have to see his  pompous face every Sunday. After all, he did play for Belichick so he’s had plenty of experience in front of a camera.

Yes, another football season has come to an end. Now I can watch more hockey and basketball. March Madness is just around the corner! And don’t forget, my beloved St. Louis Cardinals open the season in 68 days. But who’s counting? Until then, rise up, Falcons and beat the hell out of thse other guys! I’m doing the dirty bird in your honor.

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