Married to Sports

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s Thursday morning, November 3, 2016 and the Chicago Cubs have been World Series champions for approximately 9 hours. As a lifelong Cardinals fan I would be lying if I said I was super happy for them. I am however extremely happy with how I got to witness history and probably the best game 7 I have ever seen. I was on pins and needles and I didn’t even really care who won. Then when the rain delay happened I almost felt sorry for all the Cubs and Indian fans having the game and the elasticity of their nerves prolonged. I will say it’s been a while since I’ve been that happy to see guys stripping something off as I was when the field crew removed the tarp after a 17 minute delay. The suspense was killing me!  I’m also truly happy for my friends who are REAL Cubs fans as they get to celebrate this baseball dream.

Speaking of fans; I have never seen so many people suddenly become Cubs fans so fast. This bandwagon is the biggest I’ve seen in a really long time. I don’t know how it could fit any more “fans” on it. These kind of people really piss me off. It’s ok if you enjoy watching sports but those of you that pick a team to cheer for because they are winning need to just stop, stand up and get off the damn wagon. It” about to tip the hell over. Most avid sports fans have their teams whom they are very loyal to. Loyal fans love their team through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sure, they get ticked off when their team is not doing well but at the end of the day the loyal fan is a forever fan.

That’s who I am: a dedicated, loyal, crazy, avid, forever fan. I love my teams  – even when they infuriate me. I compare it to being married. I don’t have a ring from these teams, but I do have tattoos displaying my loyalty snd eternal love. People who aren’t into sports think it’s crazy. They’re probably right, but aren’t we all a little crazy in one way or another? I’ve had someone ask me, what have the Sooners/Steelers/Cardinals ever done for you? For one, each of these teams have won championships that I have been lucky enough to witness and that feeling alone is worth my commitment. The feeling when the clock hits zero and your favorite team that you’ve loved since childhood just won the biggest trophy their sport offers is a feeling of elation that you’ll never forget.

Not only do you get to brag to your friends who are fans of another team, it is such a proud feeling. As if you were on the field helping or had some major role in the ultimate victory. Let’s face it; we, as fans do play a major role – just ask any athlete. Most love to perform or play in a stadium full of adoring fans yelling and chanting their name. It’s gotta be rush. As I said before, it’s like being married. There’s not a man out there who doesn’t get off on hearing a woman yell his name after he’s completed a good performance. Not to mention, after a season of dating, you will also get a ring on your finger if you “win.”

But let’s not forget, you can win a championship and the next season, shortly after the ring ceremony things can go to hell real fast. (Hello, 2013 San Francisco Giants) In the off season, things change and the period of elation starts to fade and you’re stuck with the reality that maybe, just maybe you’re not as happy as you thought. The diamonds in the ring still shine, but you find yourself realizing that there’s more to life than a big ass, fancy display of “love” perched upon your hand.

Behind every consistently successful team there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes. The work doesn’t stop when the last whistle blows or buzzer sounds. No, the commitment is still there and as hard as it may be, you stick with your team even during the off season. It takes work and true team effort. You can’t just love them when they’re playing and winning. So people, STOP. Stop claiming to be a “real fan” because you decide to suddenly love the team that starts winning. Be loyal to the team you originally chose and if you don’t love them anymore it’s more than likely because they’re losing and you’re just not interested any longer. Don’t stray when your team has fallen on hard times. Be there to support them no matter what. Sure, they may be last in their division, may have gotten out of shape, a little older and may not bring in as much money as they used to, but you loved them once. Enough to claim them as your own. Don’t be the asshole that looks for another winning, younger team.

Apparently I am good at being a fan. I was a child bride. Maybe I should join the Sister Wives because I married the Sooners, Steelers, and Cardinals at a very young age. For the most part they have treated me well. I know this because my love for them has only grown throughout the years and I have learned to tolerate some bad habits that I am more than willing to put up with. Because my love is real. These guys are stuck with me. The only reason I can think of that would cause me to stray is if they were cheaters. You know, like sleeveless sweatshirt wearing, signal stealing cheaters.. believe my teams have more class and ethics to do such a thing to me though. They know if they ever cheated, I would make sure they get caught with deflated balls and be forced to sit out more than 4 games.

Congratulations to the loyal Cubs fans – it’s been a long time coming and I truly did enjoy watching history being made. And in such dramatic fashion! I have a feeling there wwre a whole lot of people calling in to work today in the cities of Chicago and Cleveland. I’m wondering how many paddles had to be used in both city’s ER’s to spark the hearts of sports fans back to pumping again. Well, the Cubs fans hearts are in good shape. The Tribe fans? I’m sure theirs will be broken for a while longer.

As for me, I will still remain, forever and always married to the Sooners, Steelers, and Cardinals. Til death do us part.

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  1. Strippers removing the tarp bahahahahahahahahahaha

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