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The time has finally arrived. The time of year when we can finally once again say, “It’s game week!” Although it has been 8 months, to a true college football fan it seems like a lifetime. I’m certain by now, if you are reading this you know I am a crimson bleeding, Boomer yelling Oklahoma Sooner fan and was born and raised that way. I do however try to remain a realist and avoid being over confident as I am, after all a diehard Sooners fan. As any true fan, the Sooners have made me laugh, they’ve made me cry, they’ve made me happy, and they’ve even made me want to punch a wall. One thing for certain is I love them and always will and will forever consider myself part of the Sooner nation and Sooner Faithful.

With all that being said, let’s talk about pre-season rankings – or my hatred of them. Call me a cynic, but how are these rankings really determined? I suppose I understand the Florida State pre-season number 1 pick. They are after all the reigning national champs and still led by the Heisman winning quarterback. Do the voters go to the spring games and practices to determine this or are they just putting top 10ish teams in a hat and drawing them out?

Please understand, I, in no way think Oklahoma should have been ranked number 1 in any poll. (Sporting News did) Remember, I’m the girl who loathes pre-season rankings. Truth be told, I would rather my team start further down the list than at number 3 ? which the majority of the polls have them at. Oklahoma always plays the underdog role very well. Let me say though, I can’t help but question how they justify putting Alabama above Oklahoma. After all, they lost their golden boy quarterback AJ McCarron and I haven’t read of anything magical happening at Bama since an Oklahoma can of Whoop Ass was opened up on them in the Sugar Bowl. Perhaps it?s the SEC factor that so many writers and broadcasters seem to worship. All I know is, I did enjoy the way Bob Stoops prepared the Sooners to roll the Tide and laughed when Nick Saban said his players didn’t really care about the game. They looked like they cared when they first took the field. They looked like they cared as long as the game remained close. Nick Saban got bitch slapped by Bob Stoops that night and he had no other excuse to use.

BUT, it is a new season. I am reading a plethora of tweets and Facebook from my fellow beloved Sooner Nation members already printing up National championship shirts. It bothers me ? not because I don’t have faith in my team ? but because we have yet to see one snap to be played. It is a long season ahead and there’s a lot of football to be played before I can even start considering rankings to be accurate. Oh believe me; I will be in the stadium sweating with 85,000 others when the mighty Sooners take the field Saturday. I will be holding up the “number 1” as the ball is kicked each and every time and I will do it with pride. I will be clapping so hard my palms hurt every time Boomer Sooner is played and I will get cold chills when the 2014 video plays pre-game despite the eleventy billion degree kick off temperature. I love the Sooners, but already saying they will be National Champions is unrealistic. Honestly, isn’t it for any team? It does nothing but cause a bigger let down when and if that does not happen.

The books in Vegas have Oklahoma beating Louisiana Tech Saturday night by 38 points. 38 points! Yes, they are a much smaller school, but in my opinion, they are still a team that shouldn’t be totally overlooked. We sure don’t want to have a Michigan-Appalachian State moment. That is a huge number to cover for a season opener without having seen either team play. I think if the game is under control, Bob will start using second stringers early in the second half. (I’ll go out on a limb and say Oklahoma by 21 ? but there is no way in hell would I lay money on this game.) I cannot wait to merge with the masses of Crimson wearing Sooner fans Saturday and finally get to see the team that is getting so much pre season attention. I can’t wait to see Trevor Knight prove he will not suffer from the freshman curse. I can’t wait to see Eric Striker literally strike fear in the opposing teams offense ? he is definitely my favorite Sooner at the moment. And more than anything, I can’t wait to celebrate our first of many victories no matter how many points the scoreboard says we win by. Being in Norman on game day and in the stadium is one of the best feelings in the world. If you’re reading this and haven’t had the chance to do so, you really must. Why not make it this Saturday? We all know it will be sold out but according to Mike Fletcher , President of Totally Tickets, they do have 400 available as of right now – but you better hurry! ( )
Please don’t take this article as me not having confidence in my team. I just am a firm believer that the game needs to be played on the field e game at a time on and I have yet to see any team play – so how can I determine who should be ranked number 1? But believe me when I say, the Oklahoma Sooners was, is and will always be number 1 in my heart. I look forward to them showing everyone else why they should be.

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  1. Mark says:

    Well written, I just read last 4, why do you not write more?

    @YaDaMadness #GoVols !

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