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So, here it is, Thursday January 9th, 2014. Or as I like to call it the 1 week anniversary of the Sooners Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama. Trust me when I say that sugar has NEVER tasted sweeter. To watch the Sooners go into the game and “shock the world” was the perfect way to start the new year. Maybe eating those black eyed peas the day before really did help! I use the words “shock the world” because it seems as though no one outside of the state of Oklahoma gave the Sooners a shot in hell at beating the Crimson Tide and their fearless leader, Nick Saban. Let’s be honest, there were even a lot of people in Oklahoma that also didn’t believe. But one week ago tonight, David marched into the SuperDome in New Orleans and slayed Goliath. We all know what happened, so I won’t go into details of the game. I will, however express how exciting it was to see freshman quarterback Trevor Knight outshine the 2013 Heisman runner up and 3 time National Champion Crimson Tide quarterback, AJ McCarron. Also exciting was seeing McCarron on his back seven times thanks to the Sooners defense. (McCarron had been sacked only 10 times during the regular season) But the sweetest feeling of all, at least for me anyway, was how the Oklahoma Sooners made the asshats that work at ESecPN look like complete failures for saying there was NO WAY Oklahoma could defeat Alabama. I say to all of you, Boomer Sooner, bitches.

Let’s stay on the topic of AJ McCarron for a moment. Well, not really AJ, but his mom. I’m sure you’ve seen her if you’ve watched an Alabama football game. The camera always shows her cheering her son on right next to his girlfriend, Katherine Webb. We all know the girlfriend is the real reason the camera shows the duo so often during Bama games. I have no problem admitting she is one hot chick. His mom, let’s call her DeeDee Bonner because that’s her name, is taking advantage of her son’s talent and his girlfriend’s beauty to gain some media attention herself. If you Google AJ’s mom you will find several images of her and her cleavage. Not only does she make it clear she is proud of her sons, she is also apparently very proud of her girls. Now I understand why her name is DeeDee. But what Double D did the night of the BCS Championship game got her more attention than she probably wanted. After the Florida State Seminoles beat Auburn for the National championship, Heisman winning Seminole quarterback Jameis Winston was being interviewed and Mom McCarron sent a rather offensive tweet. She asked “Am I listening to English?” Of course it took mere seconds for the tweet to go viral and it wasn’t long after that she deleted said tweet. Too late, DeeDee, the retweets and screen shots spread even quicker. By the way, mom did apologize and Katherine Webb who caught some shit for favoriting the tweet said it was favorited “accidentally.” Someone seems to be mad her baby boy didn’t win the Heisman. Oh, and DeeDee, yes, you were listening to English. As a matter of fact Jameis Winston learned to speak English where he was born and raised……A-L-A-B-A-M-A.

Meanwhile back at the SuperDome there was another Alabama mom that was getting ready to grab 15 minutes of internet fame. Her name is Michelle Pritchett. Oh, you know who she is. She is the crazy Bama fan who jumped into the group of Oklahoma students and proceeded to windmill kick the hell out of them. According to what I’ve read it all happened because the Oklahoma students were “taunting her and her 16 year old son.” Apparently there was a lot of smack talk going on between the Oklahoma and Alabama fans during the game. The hell you say??? Smack talk between fans of opposing teams at a sporting event??? Say it ain’t so. Michelle says when the Oklahoma boys taunted her son inviting him to come down there to fight is where it all went downhill and she decided to take things into her own hands. And feet. In the video you can see her approach the group and put her finger in someone’s face. Though you can’t hear the audio, it doesn’t take a genius to realize whatever she is saying isn’t all peaches and cream. When a man, who appears to be her husband tries to remove her from the argument, she breaks lose, turns around and flings herself into the Oklahoma group and begins the kicking. If you have not seen the video, no, I am not exaggerating. Also, if you have not seen the video I have included it. You are welcome.

I was not present at this altercation so what you are about to read is, of course, my opinion only.

Number one, Michelle, should change her last name from Pritchett to CrazyBitchett. Not only did she embarrass her husband, son, and whoever was there with her, the entire state of Alabama was embarrassed. (Twice that night) Michael Connelly, the Oklahoma student who was the main target said yeah, there was smack talk going on between the fans. He said it was actually her party that started it when Alabama was leading the football game and when the Sooners took control of the field, then the smack talk from the Oklahoma fans increased. He said her 16 year old son was an active participant in the exchange. When there were words of fighting and someone “invited” her son to come on down, that’s when the debacle began. Mrs. CrazyBitchett even flipped the Oklahoma boys a double bird before she went Alabama crazy on them. This was caught so nicely on film as you can see. I’m sure the young girl sitting next to her was really impressed by this behavior. I did read in an article that her daughter was crying in the stands when she entered the ring, but I don’t know how much truth there is to that. There is a family picture that has surfaced that doesn’t include a girl. But it does appear to include the 16 year old that is being raised like a girl. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch but at 16 you would think he would be destroyed watching his mother fight his battles for him. I understand a mother’s instinct to want to protect her child, but in this case she made the wrong decision. Sticks and stones, Michelle, sticks and stones.

Number two, Michelle said she had a couple of drinks but was not intoxicated. I call bullshit. She could barely stand up holding on to the rails when she was physically removed from the Oklahoma fan group. Maybe her feet were just dizzy from the windmill kicks, I don’t know. You would think she would blame the alcohol instead of admitting to just being crazy. Now, in her defense, she did publically apologize to Alabama, the fans, and Nick Saban for the incident. (I bet Saban wishes he had her on the field to help stop Trevor Knight. Her attack rush looked pretty vicious.) According to his Twitter account, she even called Connelly to also apologize to him. Finally, something positive from the whole debacle. Oh – wait, then she said she would do it all over again if she had to. Sigh.

I don’t know what kind of smack talk was happening, but I have been to a huge number of games and there has been smack talk at every single one of them. I have seen fights because of it, but it is normally two grown men. Usually drunk men. It’s part of attending a sporting event. As an Oklahoma fan, I have to say that I was impressed by the restraint the group of fans that were attacked showed. They had plenty of chances to take a shot at her, yet they remained to “handle her with care” while trying to remove her without harm. It kind of made me laugh when she is being handled by security and the Sooner fans turn around and start cheering about something that just happened on the field as if nothing ever happened while leaving her family wondering what the hell. I do feel sorry for her son. You know he is going to be called a “mama’s boy” and be made fun of for having his mommy fight his battles for him. If I were those people, I’d watch my back for a pair of brown boots flying. What was she thinking? Black boots would have been a much better choice with what she was wearing.

Sadly, college football is over until fall. and you are reading this, let me be the first to say, Oklahoma is getting ready to unleash the Sooner beast in the near future. It is an exciting time to be a Sooner fan, and as you all know, I AM SoonerLeesa.

Happy new year, everyone!

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  1. Marcus says:

    Hilarious. Black would have been a much better choice.

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