Lou Holtz on the Ledge

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Sports

So here we are, January 8th, 2013. The Steelers missed going to the playoffs and my Oklahoma Sooners choked on a cotton tampon in the appropriately named Cotton Bowl. Yet I still have not jumped off the ledge. I must be maturing. I didn’t even want to kick a puppy when Johnny Football shredded the Sooner defense. And for those of you that may have doubted it, I still love my team and will always bleed Sooner crimson. I am not a bandwagon, fair weathered fan who suddenly decides that I may not like them as much because they didn’t have quite the season that was anticipated. Hell, I’m a Sooner fan, I’m somewhat used to that. I would never NOT watch the Sooners because they didn’t get to a “better bowl” nor would I EVER get up and walk out of game because we are losing – I am NOT a Texas fan. I am and will ALWAYS be a proud, loyal, supportive crazy about my team Sooner girl.

With that being said, let me turn my attention to the haters blaming Landry Jones for the Cotton Bowl loss. Actually, not just the bowl loss, but for every game we lost while he was QB. This confuses me. How can Jones be blamed for everything? Inconsistent? Yes. Heisman winning performer? No, but as I scan the record book for quarterbacks at Oklahoma, Landry Jones tops almost every single one of them. http://www.soonerstats.com/football/recordbook/index.cfm. Is Landry Jones a Sam Bradford caliber quarterback? No. In my opinion, in fact, I don’t see him making it in the NFL. He did however lead the Sooners to winning seasons every year he played. For that, I thank him and I hope he proves me wrong by finding success in the NFL if that’s what he wants. So for all you Landry hating jack offs out there, how about focus on the positive things he did for the Sooners instead of living in your world of perpetual negativity.

As for the Cotton Bowl itself, I too, was disappointed. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to see our defense make Johnny Manziel an Oklahoma prison bitch. Clearly that did not happen. The first freshman Heisman winner displayed exactly why he won that title. This kid deserves huge props. After winning the Heisman, he spent the month making public appearances and obliging to interview after interview, yet looked like he never took a day off on the Cotton Bowl field. We all know the outcome, and it still stings so I am not going to dwell on it. If you ask me, we were out coached. Student (Sumlin) schooled teacher (Stoops) and had a smile on his face while he did it. This fact, of course opens the ever swinging door for those who feel Bob Stoops should be fired.

Let’s break this down. Stoops has been at the Sooner helm for 14 seasons. Out of those 14 seasons he has 14 winning seasons. Also, the team has gone to 14 bowls. I know most Sooner fans feel entitled to win every bowl they attend and Stoops is 7 for 7, however his record of getting the team to the bowls should speak for itself. Call him Big Game Choke Bob all you want. I, personally consider a record of 149-37 a successful, winning record. God forbid he only has coached 1 National Championship team during his tenure. Instead of looking at the “bowl” half empty, consider it half full. But I forget, Sooner fans expect much, much more. Please remember that Stoops has the most wins of the decade of any BCS school with 109 (2000–present).And let’s not forget that along with Bennie Owen, Bud Wilkinson, and Barry Switzer, he is one of four coaches to win over 100 games at the University of Oklahoma. No other college football program has more than 3 coaches to accomplish such a feat. Stoops’ teams have finished the season ranked in the Top 10 of the polls for 9 of 11 seasons, 6 of those 9 being in the Top 5. Under Stoops, the Sooners have won eight Big 12 Conference Championships, the most of any Big 12 team. Oklahoma is also the only team to win back-to-back-to-back Big 12 Championships. In his twelve years as head coach, Stoops is 8–5 against the Texas Longhorns (it hurts just to type it), which includes a 5 game winning streak from 2000–2004, in which his Sooners handed the Longhorns two of their worst defeats in school history, 63–14 and 65–13 (2000 and 2003, respectively).Oklahoma under Stoops (1999–present) has won 98 Big 12 conference games, the most conference wins of any current Big 12 coach. So, there it is in black and white. I spend a shit load of money on Sooner football tickets and travelling to away and bowl games, and I am happy with Coach Stoops. Until he proves otherwise, he is a winner in my book. Leave Bob alone, jackasses. (Yes, I welcome all comments)

So now college football is over, and with the Steelers not advancing to the post season, the NFL is over for me as well. I always feel like a jilted lover this time of year. I could barely watch the BCS National Championship game last night without wanting to puke. I didn’t want Alabama to win because the SEC fans will continue to brag that they have the best conference on the planet. I sure as hell didn’t want Notre Dame to win because they seem to be too good to join a conference and lucked their way into an undefeated regular season and the national title game. (Yes, I know they beat Oklahoma. I was there.) I picked the Tide to win, and I don’t need to tell you what happened. Ok, yes I will. Alabama kicked the living shit out of the Irish. The only joy I got watching the game was thinking that maybe the Mayans miscommunicated their prediction. Maybe they were trying to tell Notre Dame that 2012 would be the end of their winning ways, not the end of the world. Football Jesus made it clear last night that he prefers the Bear Bryant legacy over Rudy. Yes, Irish, your luck has run out. Speaking of jumping from a ledge, I bet Holtz and Regis Philbin are perched on it, holding hands daring one another to jump first. Or as Holtz would say, “Regish, you go firsht.” And Rege would just to avoid beig spit on.

Only 4 more months until the Sooner Spring game. I can hardly wait, and I will be there supporting my team, cheering them on, even if it’s just a scrimmage.


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  1. Pierre says:

    Good stuff! I’m not a Stoop hater by the way… Lol.

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