OU vs. UTerus. A Look Back at the Red River Rilvary

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Sports, Uncategorized

As I sit here on the short flight home from Dallas, I look back at my annual trek to the Oklahoma-Texas game with a smile. This trip home is much more pleasant when it is a victorious one. Though I realize there will be no way in hell that I will ever catch up from the sleep I missed from the weekend’s shenanigans, I don’t even care. Seeing the evil, burnt orange wearing mutants get a good old-fashioned Oklahoma ass whoopin was totally worth it.

As I’m sure you have heard by now, the Sooners beat the Longhorns 63-21 in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday. For the second year in a row, one of the most storied rivalry games in college football known as the Red River Rivalry (or Shootout) turned into the Red River Rout. (Last year’s score was 55-17) That is 3 RRR in a row for Oklahoma and could possibly put Texas head coach Mack Brown’s job on the hot seat.  Brown has faced Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops 14 times in the big game. He has beaten Stoops 5 times. For you Texas grads who are listening as this is being read to you, that means Stoops has been victorious 9 times. I know, math is hard.  I admit it – part of the joy of watching the Sooners successfully kick the shit out of the Longhorns is seeing the look of terror, confusion, and simply the “what the fuck” look on Mack Brown’s face. It is a work of art.

Mack Brown’s “What the fuck” look.

Another enjoyable scene was, also for the second year in a row, the University of Texas had a school color change. They went from burnt orange and white to burnt orange and bleacher grey. In the 3rd quarter, UT fans started clearing the bleachers showing they had no faith in their team to make a miraculous comeback. Even Bevo, the Longhorn mascot laid down in embarrasment. In fact, the only reason they kept him on the sidelines is so his pile of shit would attract the flies and keep them off the Texas cheerleaders. (They HAD to stay or get some kind of demerit) What is burnt orange anyway? I think it was chosen at a UT frat party where the members of Sigma Tau Dumbass (the STD’s) drank too much vodka and orange tang and puked all over the floor and they declared it the new color of the university. They call it “burnt” orange because it burnt on the way back up. Those Texas kids sure are cool. So cool, they once again left the game long before it was over to confirm to their team that they indeed do suck.


The only 2 Texas fans left in their section.

Ok, I should not focus on the fact that Texas sucks. Oklahoma showed up and played a damn good game.  I’m not just saying that because I bleed crimson and cream, I’ll let some of the stats speak for themselves:

By halftime, the Sooners had outgained Texas 407 yards to 65 which included the longest run in Red River Rivalry history putting Damien Williams in the endzone for the Sooners after a 95 yard run. Later, the Sooners also recorded the longest pass in the rivalry history when Trey Millard took a pass out of the backfield, hurdled a Texas defender and ran for a 73-yard gain to set up the Sooners’ fourth touchdown of the game. Let’s not forget Blake Bell who “belldozed” his way into the endzone for 4 touchdowns…..in the first half.  Sooner fans are Belldozer crazy.

Then there’s Landry Jones. After being highly criticized, especially after the Sooner’s loss to Kansas State, Jones did the Sooners proud while becoming the winningest quarteback in Oklahoma history with his 33rd win. He passed Steve Davis who had held the title since 1975 and was in the Cotton Bowl to be one of the first to  congratulate Jones. Jones also became the third quarterback in OU history to start and play the  majority of the game in three wins over Texas, joining Jimmy  Harris and Davis. Jones’ 321 passing yards also moved him into seventh place on the all-time NCAA  passing list, going ahead of Philip Rivers with 13,731 yards.  Hawaii’s Colt Brennan (14,193) is next on the list. So as much as fans have bitched and moaned about Landry, myself included, he has earned the respect of Sooner Nation.

And how about that Mike Stoops defense? Impressive indeed. Texas came into the game as the 6th highest scoring offense in the nation. The Sooner defense kept the Longhorns to just 2 first downs in the first half. The Horns never crossed the Sooners 36 yard line on offense until late in the 4th quarter – when the Sooners were playing their reserves. In other words, the Oklahoma Sooners made the Texas Longhorns look like the bitches that they really are. Turnovers and ball control definitely were a factor. Of course Texas came up short. Gotta have balls to have control of.  Ovaries do not count.

The diagram says it all.

And so another Red River Rivalry comes to an end. Sooner fans are smiling, and Longhorn fans are crying. The Golden Hat will remain in Norman where it belongs., and I am now landing in Tulsa where I belong. But don’t worry Texas fans, you still have time to get some deep-fried Bevo on a stick at the fair while we Sooner fans savor the sweet taste of victory.  Watching my beloved Sooners Saturday has me so excited for the rest of the season – especially when Notre Dame comes to Norman in a couple of weeks and we travel to Morgantown, West Virginia to face the Mountaineers. I will be at both of those games and can hardly wait. I hope a little Irish midget shows up in Norman, and I don’t mean Lou Holtz.  And don’t think I’m not looking forward for another team who wears orange to face the Sooners. Look out Ok. State Cowboys…..we have a little redemption game coming up and after 2 years in Stillwater, you’re coming to OUR house. We will show you that there truly is ONLY ONE OKLAHOMA.


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  1. Why are all the games played in the state of Texas?

    • soonerleesa says:

      Dallas is the halfway point between Norman, where OU is and Austin where UT is. Actually, Norman is 7 miles closer.

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