Those Three Little Words

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

  Those “three little words” words are not said enough, and some people need to hear them more than others. But, when is it “too soon” to say those words? After 6 months of patiently waiting and many long, lonely nights throughout this brutally hot summer, I think I have reached that point where it’s time for me to say those words. I am comfortable in my decision because I know, finally it’s the true thing. Yes, it’s time for me to shout it from the rooftops. I will however say these words to you, my readers, first. IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON.


That’s right, my favorite season has finally returned to bless my world and my love affair with the proverbial pigskin is once again rekindled. It all started when I received the email from the Sooner ticket office notifying me that my season tickets had been shipped. It is truly Christmas in early August. Clicking on the FedEx tracking number is like pleasuring myself with visions of the Stoops brothers dancing in my head. The delivery date is noted and a sick day from work is scheduled so I can be there to sign for the golden envelope. I sometimes fantasize that the FedEx delivery guy is actually Bob Stoops himself as my hand trembles as I electronically sign my name….Mrs. Leesa Stoops. Mr. FedEx doesn’t even realize the name difference because he is too distracted be the visible lady wood through my white tshirt. I don’t even wait for the door to close before I am ripping the envelope open faster than Magic Mike rips velcro pants off his legs. And suddenly I am holding the tickets to heaven in my hands. Boomer Sooner echoes down the hall as I scream in orgasmic delight.


Once again, the Sooners are favored to win the Big XII and sit in the top 5 of pre season polls. We all know how I feel about such polls. Bullshit. I understand why they exist, I just loathe everything about them. I, personally like going in as an underdog. For instance, Oklahoma opens their season against the UTEP Miners in El Paso on September 1st. If the Sooners don’t beat them like the US Men’s basketball team beat Tunisia in London, then they will automatically have the “over ranked” tag placed on them. As a Sooner fan, that gets real old, real fast. Yes, I have faith in my team, but I am also a realist. We may be favored to win the conference, but my prediction is one of the newest Big XII members, West Virginia, will be hot on our heels to take the title. They face each other November 17th in Morgantown, and it’s not unrealistic that both teams could be undefeated. Only time will tell.



As everyone knows by now, and Sooners fans have celebrated, Mike Stoops has returned home to help take our defense back to the glory days when the Stoops era first began. I was sorry to hear that Mike lost his job at Arizona, but the selfish side of me gave a silent “hell yeah” because deep, down inside I knew he would come back home when that happened. I can’t wait to see how the Sooners defense responds and improves during this season. As excited as I am for the defensive show, I am just as concerned for our offense. Yes, Landry Jones is returning, and Blake Bell will Belldoze his way to 6 points often, but I worry about the receiving core and running back positions. I will get into more detail about this next post. For right now, I will put my trust in the Bank of Stills and Finch and believe in Sooner Magic and talent.


As my hopes for the Oklahoma defense once again playing up to high expectations grows, here are some other things I am looking forward to during the upcoming season: the home opener against Florida A & M on September 8th. Not only will I fulfill my long awaited tailgating jones, the best part of that first game at home is the premier of the “There’s only ONE Oklahoma” video. I don’t care if it’s eleventy billion fucking degrees outside, that video gives me cold chills every single time. Needless to say, seeing Mike Stoops on the sidelines once again will be a highlight. I do look forward to seeing Trey Metoyer, a freshman wide receiver who I believe has super star potential. I also will be looking for David Smith, freshman running back from Illinois. I have followed this kid on Twitter since his senior prom last year. If he plays with as much pride and excitement as being a Sooner as he tweets, he will be a Sooner rock star. I can only imagine the smile on his face after the first time he touches the “Play Like a Champion” wall before running onto the field in a sold-out Memorial Stadium for that first game. What a feeling that must be. Those tweets after that game that he sends out will be outstanding.

It goes without saying that my annual trek to the Texas State Fair and the Cotton Bowl for the Red River Rivalry is always a highlight. Hey, Mack Brown….it’s 2012 and Texas STILL sucks! (Never too early for that) I also am travelling to Morgantown, West Virginia for the first meeting of the Sooners – Mountaineers as West Virginia plays their inaugural Big XII season. The icing on the cake to that trip is getting to also watch my beloved NFL Steelers play Baltimore the next day in Pittsburgh. The football scheduling Gods were most definitely looking down on me that weekend. But perhaps what I am most anticipating is when OSU returns to Norman for a little game of redemption. The last 2 times we met, the games were in Stillwater because of conference realignment scheduling issues. Make no mistake about it, Pokes – this is OUR year. We will be playing with a chip on a shoulders and we WILL play like “Paybacks are a bitch” is a way of life. As the Sooners begin their Chase for Eight, we will let no shade of orange stand in our way. So when your bus pulls into Norman, I don’t care how expensive the Boone Pickens headsets are that you will be wearing, you will not escape the roar of the Sooner Schooner on Pistol Pete’s ass and you will learn the valuable lesson that there is only ONE Oklahoma. And they wear crimson and white, mother fuckers.




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  1. aj says:

    Thanks for capturing the love we all share with the season, football love in for all!!!

  2. Pierre says:

    Pretty harsh! Hardcore sexual contents was a bit of a surprise! I think you like the Sooners lol.

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