THUNDER UP and act like Okies.

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Sports, Uncategorized

The stage is set: Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat will tip off Tuesday night for game one of the NBA Finals. This is the match up that many predicted from the beginning. Most “experts” say the two best basketball players in the league will be facing each other and will be one of the best series in a very long time. That is a difficult statement to argue. The players I am referring to are of course the Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Miaim’s Lebron James.  Yes, the NBA scoring champion versus the league’s MVP.  I don’t dare predict a winner and in how many games, but if you have read anything I’ve ever written, you know my heart is.

In Oklahoma the Thunder are of course reigning as kings of the state. I never thought I’d see the day where crimson and cream or orange and black would be replaced by Thunder blue. It has happened – Oklahomans are officially Thunder crazy. (Perhaps replaced is the wrong word – Sooners and Pokes colors will be back in late August, have no doubt about it.) And who would have ever thought a boy from Texas would be so adored in the state of Oklahoma??? It’s true. If Kevin Durant ran for governor right now, I’m certain he would win easily. Just like Lebron said he was taking his talents to Miami,  thank God KD’s talent brought him out of the hell where only burnt orange exists.


You have to remember that this is Oklahoma’s first and only professional sports team. Oh wait, I forgot about the WNBA Tulsa Shock. Look at their record and you will understand how I forgot about them.  Just the thought of a championship parade in the streets of Oklahoma City make my nipples hard. I am, however, not going to allow myself to jump that far ahead. It is only Sunday and game one tip off is still approximately 48 hours away. The first two games are in OKC and there is a definite electricity in the air. I will be watching on TV with millions others on Tuesday, but the true excitement for me will be game 2 where I have managed to spend a small fortune for tickets so I can experience an NBA Finals game live. Though the seats are in the rafters, I will still be a proud member of Loud City, and I cannot wait to lose my voice. (I know several others who love the thought of that as well!)

Apparently outside the state of Oklahoma, there is some Thunder hating a-happenin.  Let me start with Jim Souhan – a writer for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Let me quote what he wrote in May. When I say quote, I mean copy and paste:

After watching the Oklahoma City Thunder eliminate the Los Angeles Lakrers on Monday night, we now know how not to act if the NBA playoffs ever return to Target Center.

In short, don’t act like an Okie.

I felt the need to copy and paste to point out the fact that spell check has not yet made its way to Minnesota. Hey, sportswriter in Minneapolis, this Okie suggests you learn how to spell and/or proofread before publishing an article in a major newspaper. It makes you appear to be a bigger dumb ass that what you already are for writing this piece in the first place.

“Don’t act like an Okie?” Apparently Souhan has a problem with the Thunder fans wearing the same t-shirts provided by the organization during home games.  He says, and I quote, “

Be adults, not sheep. Wear your own clothes.” He also referred to fans as “looking looking like a class of first-graders whose parents enrolled you in a school requiring uniforms so they don’t have to fight with you about clothes at 6 every morning.”

It called TEAM SPIRIT, Jim. Maybe if the Timberwolves had some success you would understand. Not to mention that Oklahoma City is not the first team that does this. How many playoff games have you actually watched?

Souhan also has a problem that Oklahomans are actually supportive of their team. He says, “Thunder fans gathered outdoors to watch the game on TV. This doesn’t demonstrate unity. This demonstrates that there is nothing else to do in your town.” Are you kidding me? Just because the Timberwolves can’t sell out a game, don’t be so immature to write that there is “nothing else to do.” We WANT and CHOOSE to watch our team and celebrate their success. I’ve been to Minneapolis. There was a big mall and a lot of fucking snow. Whoopty freakin do.

After referring to us a “hick wannabes” he then has the nerve to write: “Act like you’ve been there before: This isn’t your senior prom. If you’re really good, you’ll get to do this again.” So let me get this straight, you never went to your senior prom because you were even a bigger assclown in high school and because your home team NBA team and fans suck, you need to make yourself feel better by insulting “Okies.” I wonder if the Vikings beloved Adrian Peterson read this article? He did play college ball at the University of Oklahoma, you know. And I bet he can spell Lakers without any help.

Oh, and there’s Lil Wayne-gate. This jack ass said he was not welcome in Oklahoma. He said he was denied entry into a play off game vs San Antonio. Tell the truth, Lil man. You ASSUMED you could fly into town and sit on the front row because of who you are. Your “people” called the Thunder office and you insisted on sitting court-side on the front row. You were denied the seats, not entry into the arena. As explained, the game had been sold out for weeks. You were offered alternate tickets, but those just weren’t good enough. People pay good money to buy tickets to these games, and your money is most definitely wanted, but don’t expect to get special treatment because you have a grill. This is Oklahoma, not L.A. and tweeting “Go Spurs” because you didn’t get what you wanted only made look even smaller than what you are. Where were you all season? You aren’t a Thunder fan, you were just wanting publicity and to be seen. I think the real reason you didn’t get a ticket is because your ego wouldn’t fit into the arena and there were no available booster seats. Maybe you should become a Timberwolves fan, I heard they have plenty of seats available.


So here we go, folks….the NBA Finals have made it to Oklahoma thanks to exciting team called the Thunder. I hope I see everyone sporting the same t-shirts Tuesday night, and I look forward to wearing my own at game 2. We are going to have the time of lives just as if we’ve never been there before, because we haven’t. We will gather in masses if we so choose to watch and support our team and cheer them on and celebrate with them as if we were all on the court with them. We ARE Okies and we are proud. So, to all you haters, not only do I say THUNDER UP, you need to also shut the fuck up.


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  1. justjilligan0724 says:

    GO THUNDER! Way to represent Leesa!!!

  2. aj says:

    Maybe if he were as good as jay-z he could’ve got courtside Lmao!!! Great work leesa, bring me back a shirt if you can!!!

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