Everyone Bleeds Crimson

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

bed-lam [ bed-luhm] noun : 1. a scene or state of wild uproar and confusion.

Synonyms 1. disorder, tumult, chaos, clamor, turmoil, commotion, pandemonium

That’s what Oklahoma and Oklahoma State fans wait for every football season. It’s always the last game of the regular season and there is always chaos involved. It’s called Bedlam and last night did not fail to epitomize the definition.

As you know, I am a die hard Sooners fan. Sooner born and Sooner bred. So to cover last night’s highlights of the game would make this a really short story. More like a haiku. Here are the Sooner highlights: we scored a field goal at the beginning of the game and then a touchdown at the end of the game. There they are. Other than that, all the highlights belong to Oklahoma State as they crushed my Sooners (and my heart) 44-10. Those of you who really know me know I said this would be the year the Pokes would beat us. Deep down inside I wanted to be wrong – sooooo wrong – but as everyone now knows, I was, unfortunately correct. The stars were aligned just right for a Cowboys win. They had the week off before the game,  OU’s injuries were significant and Oklahoma State got home field advantage – for the 2nd year in a row thanks to conference realignment. The Cowboys had never won a Big XII championship and an outside chance of going to the BCS Championship Game to face LSU was on the line.  Let’s face it, Ok State had more to play for, and it showed. I am not making excuses. We were out played and out coached. Congratulations Oklahoma State Cowboys on your 1st Big XII Championship.

Now let the commotion of the BCS begin. LSU and Alabama sit number 1 and 2. LSU handled their business against #14 Georgia and ended their season undefeated and will represent the SEC in the championship game January 9th in New Orleans. This will be basically a home game for them. Last time they played a national championship game in New Orleans, they beat Ohio State for the title. That was January 2008. They will not being playing Ohio State this time, but is it possible they could be facing another OSU? A lot of people believe the Pokes have earned that shot – I, believe it or not, am one of those. We will find out later tonight. The prediction is for a re-match of last years game: LSU vs. Alabama – Bama had the week off. If and when that happens, it should have a different result.  Okla. State had a tougher schedule and beat more ranked teams than Alabama. I don’t know the exact science of the BCS computer, but I think OSU has a shot to move to number 2 in the computerized part. But unfortunately the human factor is what is going to kill the national championship dreams of those that wear orange and black. The Coach’s and AP polls are out and the have the Tigers and Tide at #1 and #2. I’m not sure how much the Harris Poll is worth, but as of the time of this writing, it has not yet been released. All signs point to a rematch of last year’s game. Yawn. Who, besides Tiger and Tide fans, wants to watch that? My friend Jack put it best: that game would be as boring as Tim Tebow’s porn stash.

I know some of you are shocked that I would proactively and publicly announce my support of Oklahoma State going to the championship game. I am a college football fan. I am NOT a fan of the BCS. In fact, the letter C should be removed and it should be called what it really is: BS. I do believe the Cowboys have earned their shot. With that being said, do not think that I am going to be wearing orange anytime soon. How about NEVER. I hate orange, and orange hates me.

Needless to say, I know a lot of people that went to OSU and that are fans. I get along with the majority of them.  Then there are those who I don’t. I have received many nasty messages about how the Cowboys kicked some Sooner ass last night. Yes you did. We took a beating. I will even say we sucked and the Pokes did not. BUT……(this is where my Okla.State friends should stop reading) when we do win, we don’t put our own fans in harms way by tearing down a field goal and carrying it through a crowd of thousands of people who rushed the field to celebrate the victory. Now I know you were over the moon with happiness and excitement of winning possibly the biggest game of your lives – as a sports fan I get that but how the hell can you think no one would get hurt by doing such dumb ass stunts? People were trampled and one person fell 15 feet onto concrete trying to jump onto the field. There were over a dozen people injured and 2 are in critical condition.

Again, I understand jubilation and celebrating a big win. I get winning a Big XII Championship is worth celebrating – after all I AM a Sooner and have celebrated 7 of them. I know you’re OSU people so let me do the math for you – that is 6 more than you. So while you continue to send me your “shut the fuck up, Sooner bitch – Sooners suck” messages, let me remind you that you could beat us up until 2076 and STILL be behind in the bedlam series. You are the very people that make it really hard to be nice to the Cowboys fans I like.

I don’t think there are classes teaching you how to win, but if there were I’m pretty sure ripping a goal post from the ground and jumping from stadium seats onto a concrete landing would not be on the agenda. Have you forgotten you just lost 2 members of your basketball program to a plane crash? Why…WHY would you want to create a situation where now you could possibly lose fans? Oh, and by the way Sooner haters who like to send messages telling me how stupid I am to ever believe my team could win, did you notice the orange ribbons the Sooner coaching staff wore in rememberance of YOUR women’s basketball coaches? Did you hear the Sooner marching band play Amazing Grace for them? We may be enemies on the football field, but we do have a heart. Hate me all you want for being an Oklahoma Sooner fan – but I do hope with all my heart that your fans are all ok and able to watch the Pokes in their first BCS game – whether it be the National Championship Game or the Fiesta Bowl.

I am proud to be a Sooner. I am proud of my team and how they stuck together through thick and thin. I hurt along with them when they lost their friend, their teamate, their brother Austin Box. I shed a tear when watching Ryan Broyles on the sidelines being told his injury is a season ending one. I will be eager to watch them in whatever bowl they will play in. I have been to countless games and still get chills every single time I walk down Lindsey Street and get that first glimpse of the stadium. I might have been disappointed at times this season as I, like most Sooner fans expect victory at all times. I have been humbled as a fan this season. I have learned that life goes on even when your team loses 3 games in a season. Watching the Penn State ordeal unfold has helped me put the love for my team into perspective. So has the OSU plane crash. I am guilty of the OU-OSU jokes, all in fun, but I know I have never been so cruel as to tell someone that it is completely understandable why their husband – who went to OSU – killed himself because he was married to an OU fan. Keep in mind – EVERYONE bleeds crimson – even those hurt from OSU.

Bedlam indeed.

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  1. aj says:

    Agreed, no one should get hurt during one of the biggest wins in your schools history. And mad props to the bands at halftime sharing the field & showing respect for one anothers schools.

  2. justjilligan0724 says:

    What she said =D Great read as always Leesa!

  3. Eye Floaters says:

    The Cowboys are not America’s team, at least not the America I live in!

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