5 Facts About the allegations against the U….SheSaidSports style.

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Sports

They call it “The U.” The U must stand for Underarm, because right now, the University of Miami is definitely the armpit of NCAA scandal. As I’m sure everyone has their own opinion on this subject, I am here to give mine. You didn’t think I would pass this one up did you?

Let’s first sort out what we know to be facts.Fact number 1: SOMEBODY really pissed off Nevin Shapiro and he sang like a bird. When I say sang like a bird, I mean opened his big, fat mouth. Here is a guy who is in federal prison for his Ponzi scheme involvement and apparently decided he is going to retaliate on his beloved Miami Hurricanes that he was a proud booster of for several years.

Fact number 2: Looking at the pictures of Nevin Shapiro that accompanied the now infamous Yahoo! Sports article that broke this story, booster is the perfect adjective to describe him. I’m pretty sure he needed a booster seat wherever he went. To drive, in a movie theater, at a restaurant table. Wee, little man with deep, deep pockets and a devoted fan – the perfect storm for rampant NCAA violations. After reading these allegations, the kids at Ohio State must feel like they are the Mickey Mouse Club.

Fact number 3: I have never liked Jimmy Johnson. This goes back to his days as coach for Oklahoma State and especially the Dallas Cowboys. Nope, I am not a fan. I did however love how he called Nevin Shapiro a “jock sniffer.” This term just makes me laugh, However, there is some truth to it. After all, they call girls who chase and only date athletes “jersey chasers”. Jock sniffer is the perfect, literal name for Mr. Shapiro given his stature – or lack of. Johnson also had the best reply to one of Shapiro’s allegations I have heard.  Shapiro described taking some players in question to party on his 1.6 million dollar yacht. Johnson said, ” A million dollars? That’s not a yacht. That’s a boat.” Jimmy, I still don’t like you, but well played, sir.

Fact number 4: According to the Yahoo! report, the Miami booster gave millions of dollars to no less than 76 Miami football players — some of it to subsidize strip-bar journeys, prostitute services and subsequent abortions. If the Yahoo report is verified by an NCAA investigative committee, the wrong-doing would certainly dwarf the infractions recently committed by, say, the University of Southern California. Yes, I used the word dwarf.  There have been rumblings that the NCAA may bring down the “death penalty” against the Canes football program if the investigation finds truth to the allegations. This is a punishment that the NCAA hasn’t dealt since they handed it down to SMU back in 1986.

Let’s discuss said “death penalty.” When Southern Methodist got busted, the investigation found that 21 players receiving approximately $61,000 in cash payments, with the assistance of athletic department staff members, from a slush fund provided by a booster. This is a program that had already been placed on three years’ probation in 1985 for recruiting violations. At the time, it had been on probation seven times (including five times since 1974), more than any other school in Division 1-A. The penalty? The 1987 season was canceled; only conditioning drills (without pads) were permitted until the spring of 1988. All home games in 1988 were canceled. They were allowed to play their seven regularly scheduled away games so that other schools would not be financially affected. The university ultimately chose to cancel the away games as well. They lost 55 scholarships over 4 years and the team’s existing probation was extended to 1990. The bowl ban and live tv game ban was extended to 1989. The team’s existing probation was extended to 1990. Their bowl ban and playing live tv games ban was extended until 1989.The team was allowed to hire only five full-time assistant coaches instead of the typical nine. And last, but not least, no off-campus recruiting was permitted until August 1988, and no paid visits could be made to campus by potential recruits until the start of the 1988–89 school year. HOLY PENALTY! And to think that SMU cooperated with the investigation. If they hadn’t,   would have the Mustangs would have had its football program shut down until 1989 and would have lost its right to vote at NCAA conventions until 1990.  This is just a mere drop in the bucket compared to the allegations against “The U.” Perhaps the U stands for Ugly. Ugly is what it already is and only going to become uglier.

Now, I don’t think the NCAA will actually give the death penalty to Miami. It won’t be pleasant though. Taking away scholarships will really hurt. After all, one of the boosters who “sponsored” some of the players is now imprisoned. Taking away tv rights will definitely be an ass kicker. It goes without saying how important the tv revenue is to a university. What is a fair punishment if the investigations rule against the Canes football program?

Here’s  an idea…..put all these mother fuckers on the Island of Misfit Toys. Let the kids who follow the rules find a program that seems to follow the majority of the rules and play football. I say majority, because I’m not so naive to believe that rule breaking doesn’t occur on most teams. Of course it does, but not to such a degree that it causes havoc across the world of NCAA football. Schools are bailing the conferences they’ve been in for years for other conferences in hopes of more tv time and better chances for a BCS bid – there’s chaos in the NCAA right now. Just take the major rule breakers, and put them in their own conference and let them play for the OSWGC conference championship. OSWGC being an anagram for “Oh Shit We Got Caught.” So far there’s Ohio State, USC, and of course “The U”. Some say Oregon should belong, but I am not convinces yet. Let’s not forget North Carolina and the hot water their football team is in. Yes, it’s true nobody in Chapel Hill really cares because it’s not the team that plays on the hardwood, but every conference needs a team that every other school beats the hell out of. We can throw Texas in the conference because between the Longhorn Network controversy and Mack brown, they’re pretty much fucking themselves. Of course we want to make the conference have an even amount of teams, so I say throw Notre Dame in there since those Irish bitches seem to think they’re better than everyone else and don’t need to belong in a conference. That should be the biggest infraction of all. The OSWGC conference will NOT be televised live nationally, but the devout fan can catch the replays on Hulu a day or 2 after the game has already been played. The top 2 teams will meet in the post season in the KY Bowl. It’s appropriate as they’re gonna feel like they’ve bent over for the soap in a prison of men who haven’t gotten any in several years. Maybe then the “U” will mean “Uh oh, the tube is dry.” Yes, this thought of such a conference is completely satirical.

Let me end with this thought: There are so many more innocent kids out there just trying to live the dream to play football than there are dumb asses who can’t follow the rules and can’t resist the urge to give into the almighty dollar. Maybe the NCAA needs to go after the bad seeds only and not an entire program. Maybe they should shine the light on douche bags like Nevin Shapiro and the others that turn their heads while knowing this is happening. Shapiro is in prison – federal prison – but away from the general public as he should be. Does the NCAA need to take a look at some of the rules? Possibly, but first they need to focus on administration and athletic staff and their inability to be good role models and learn how to follow the rules themselves. Open your eyes. If a kid is driving a Cadillac to class and he is there on a full ride football scholarship, chances are there’s something funny going on. Ignoring what’s going on around you is just as bad as doing the bad deed yourself.

Before you send your smart ass comments – which I welcome and always reply – yes I am well aware of  the Failure to Monitor charges against Oklahoma a few years ago.

Fact number 5:  I LOVE college football and I HATE seeing it tainted and corrupted – no matter what team.

The U…….Unbelievable.



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  1. Billdozer says:

    So I guess my only logical question is where do Boise State and Oklahoma fit into your new conference? And I’m really detecting a hint of jealousy…

    I’ve heard Sooner, Aggie and Red Raider fans for months complain about the “Longhorn Network” and it basically boils down to 2 things.

    1- These other programs should be kissing Texas’ ass for staying in the Big 12 (or Big 9, 8 …. whatever the hell they are now). Without the Longhorns, the ONLY school in that conference now that has any kind of relevance in the college landscape is OU. If Texas would have bailed for the Big 10 (or 11, 12, 13… Whatever THEY are now) or pulled a “BYU or Notre Dame” the ONLY games that would have gotten any kind of national exposure would have been when the Sooners played.

    2- Speaking of Notre Dame and BYU (who I KNOW you love) those schools, get an INSANE amount of money from their independent television contracts. Now since these do no belong to a conference they have to share NONE of the third tier rights or profits with the rest of the conference (and that just seems like smart business to me). Now while my understanding is that UT does not have to share any of the ESPN money, UT’s departure to another conference or if they became an independent, would have cost the Big 12 ALOT more than the money that they would make if UT was forced to share. At the end of the day, the schools, fans, alumni, etc. that are bitching and crying are just pissed because they couldn’t get their hands in the burnt orange cookie jar. And that’s really all it is…

    Now that I’ve had to (somewhat) go to the defense of Texas and Notre Dame, please excuse me while I go puke….

    Ok, I’m back…

    Last but not least, I (almost) completely agree with you on the rest of your post (with little differing opinions that are nit-picking and not really worth mentioning here).

    Empty your tank,

    The Billdozer

  2. aj says:

    Lmao!!!! Love the fake league, that shit makes sense!!!!

  3. mykaussie says:

    Another great Hardcore style Sports report there Cwoa SoonerLeesa! Luv it!

  4. Peter says:

    Good stuff leesa!

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