LeBron James vs. Jim Tressel

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Sports

It seems as though I have to add a disclosure to my articles quite a bit. Ok, I don’t HAVE to, but I do it as a courtesy. This post will also require a disclosure. If you are an Ohio State football fan and/or worship in the Church of Tressel please do not read further. IF you do read further and decide to send hate mail, please address it to: leesa @ leesa526@gmail.com.

I saw an interview with LeBron James the other night. In this interview he was asked what he thought about the situation at Ohio State and with Jim Tressel. He said it is “unfortunate” and that “the organization and university will come back.” That comment was followed by this comment, “”It’s the best university we have in America. They’ll figure something out.” Oh LeBron “King” James, you silly, silly boy. Thank you for taking your talents to Miami where most of the people don’t speak English and can’t understand anything you say. (oops another disclosure: If you like LeBron James, skip the first paragraph or two)

Here’s my question to you LeBron: When did Ohio State become the “BEST” university in America? Oh wait – I have another one: How would YOU know? As far as I know, you never attended Ohio State – or any other university. You were drafted right out of high school if I recall. Just because you mentor Terrell Pryor does NOT give you the authority to proclaim Ohio State the “best university we have in America.” I’m not sure if you have been made aware or not, but when they say “King” James – “King” is only a nickname. You are not REALLY a king. The United States is a democracy, not a monarchy. I know you will need further explanation of these terms so perhaps you can get your boy Terrelle to explain it to you further – after all, he does attend the university in which you claim to be the best we have in America.  Oh, and by the way, I’m sure he is a stellar student, and should only have to autograph one jersey and possibly the tutor’s left tit for a translation that he can understand enough to explain to you.  It’s ok to be a fan and want to back the school you are a fan of, but don’t go all Dallas fucking Cowboys and proclaim Ohio State America’s school and/or team. (or in your case the best university America has) Please and thank you.

Now as for Jim Tressel…….nice going dumb ass. You have now helped change the team name from the Buckeyes to the Fuckedeyes. If you know the kids are breaking the rules, do not say and act like you don’t know what’s going on. This is what got you in trouble. Tressel, after admitting he knew what was going on, said “he couldn’t think of whom to tell.” Really? Here’s a suggestion, Jimmy – how about your superiors??? I know, who the hell am I, but I’m pretty sure the NCAA rules state that if you know about the infractions, then you should tell your superiors. Hell, if I’m not mistaken, there are actually 6 or more people that sit on a committee at OSU that are there to monitor the following of NCAA rules. Pardon my Tourette’s moment here, but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

For those of you reading this and do not know what’s going on at THE Ohio State University and now former head coach Jim Tressel, I implore you to pay your satellite/cable bill and turn your TV on for a minute or two. If you don’t like or are not into sports (yes, I do have readers in this category), I suggest you read an article in the upcoming June 6th Sports Illustrated by George Dohrmann that will reveal all kinds of ugly information regarding this topic. This story has only just begun, folks. This is a blog, and I am not going to take up all your time getting into all the mostly dark details,  but I would like to tell Mr. Dohrmann that the use of the word “ignorant” when describing Jim Tressel in regards to what was going on around him is an insult. Not an insult to Tressel, but an insult to the reader. Tressel was not “ignorant to it all.” Maybe you wrote that article using your I-Phone and that pesky spellcheck changed the word unknowingly to you. The word “ignorant” should be “ignored”. He ignored what was going on. Not only did he ignore it, he had an active role in it. As I said before, if you are reading this and have any interest whatsoever in this story, please read this article in Sport Illustrated – it has lots of interesting, damning claims against Mr. Tressel. And while you’re at it, shoot the editor an email and ask him why the hell SheSaidSports isn’t a column in the magazine. Hell, I just gave them a plug. One good plug deserves another, right?

I know the Buckeye faithful liked to think of Jim Tressel as a fatherly figure that took these kids and helped model them into successful NFL players or upstanding citizens, re: Maurice Clarett, and it’s a hard, sad thing to see him go. And even though I, personally thought he looked more like Jeffrey Dahmer’s prom date, (seriously dude, what is with the vests?) I cannot and will not disagree that he is a damn good coach. It’s a shame the Ohio State administration turned a blind eye to the whole situation, until it blew up in the press and forced him out.  (another disclosure: please remember this is a blog and is centered around my opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I gave the email address for hate email earlier….) It doesn’t take a genius – and apparently anyone associated to Ohio State IS a genius because LeBron James said it is the best university America has, to figure out that a college kid can’t afford to drive 8 different cars in the 3 years that he has been there. And we’re not talking 1977 Ford Pintos. And does no one employed by the university have a tattoo? Surely SOMEONE realized that all these inked up college boys (with no jobs) weren’t drawn on with Crayola Washable markers. Tats can get expensive. What I’m trying to say is that I feel this could be more the university’s fault than it is Jim Tressel’s – hell he always said he “would do anything to win.” But what did he do really? He lied, yes. He knowingly allowed his players to break the NCAA rules. What college or university has not done this? Most of them – they just haven’t been caught. The head coach, I agree should have most of the authority over these kids while attending school, but there comes a time when these boys need to act like men and be held responsible for their own actions. It’s like anyone’s 20 year old kid going out and doing something stupid. As a parent, you counsel and pray that you taught them right from wrong, and if he or she makes a bad decision, then they have to face the punishment. When I spent the night in the drunk tank puking on the floor in Noble county as a college freshman, I didn’t blame my parents. Neither did the cop who threw me in there. In fact, I feared my parents reaction. Thank God the Parental Committee of Infractions wasn’t aware of this violation. Whew! Now, while Jim Tressel is going to be unemployed for a while and carry a tarnished reputation with him forever, I’d be willing to bet Terrelle Pryor (and others) forego this next season as a Buckeye and turn pro. And he may make more money thank he did in college. Imagine that! Coach Tressel might have been a father figure, but he should not be the end all be all when it comes to the actions of players. Or should he? Rules are rules.  He should have reported it. Lying is a bad, bad thing, Mr. Tressel, and if you didn’t lie, this wouldn’t be the cluster fuck it is now. But the administration and those surrounding Tressel and the football program should also think about stepping down as these things were being done right in front of their faces as well and yet no one seemed to care as long as the beloved Buckeyes were winning. Again, this is not just an Ohio State problem, but too bad for them, they got caught. It takes a village, people. Apparently the administration in Columbus are all village idiots. NCAA = National College of Absent Administration.

From what I understand, all of this stems from a Yahoo article revealing the hot mess that is now Columbus, Ohio. I have a sneaking suspicion that the author of this said Yahoo article is a Michigan fan. As Buckeye fans are contemplating jumping from a bridge, Wolverine fans are celebrating in the streets. As for me, I do think Liar McVest should be punished, but more for what happened back in the 80’s when he was an assistant coach at Ohio State. Now that was appalling. (re: the before mentioned Sports Illustrated article for more information.) But for right now,  I’m blaming LeBron fucking James. (remember that’s LEESA526@gmail.com haters.)


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    So true yet so funny, top notch article supa dupa star!!!!

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