24 – Joe Knows

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~ The number of hours in one day.

~ The number of karats in pure gold.

The number 24 is a memory to me. It is the first “football” number I can remember. When I was a very young child – a very young SOONER child the number 24 played a significant part of my childhood memories. The very first jersey I ever wore was, of course an Oklahoma jersey with the number 24 on it.

Washington was the name on back.

Joe “Silver Shoes” Washington was a running back for the University of Oklahoma in the 70’s. A Sooner legend to say the least. He finished 3rd and 5th in Heisman votes in 1974 and 1975. He is in the College Football Hall of Fame. He has plyaed in a Pro Bowl and he has won a Super Bowl with the Redskins. (XVII). Interestingly enough, he remains the only NFLplayer to ever throw a touchdown pass, catch a touchdown pass and return a kickoff for a touchdown in a single game.

So, you see “Little” Joe Washington is kind of a big deal. Especially for long time, die hard Sooner fans. Mr. Washington is a part of our storied history. Also, a part of mine as he was one, if not my dad’s favorite Sooner. Joe Washington was a household name and even though I had no idea why at such a young age, I who knew who he was. I grew up to understand just what he meant to my dad and Oklahoma football history.

If you have been a loyal reader you understand how much my dad meant to me. He is the reason I am a sports fan and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned to appreciate the passion he instilled in me. Every time I walk through the gates of Memorial Stadium I think of him. Every. Single. Time. As you may recall, Ryan Broyles was kind enough to sign a jersey for me last season. It was the last thing my dad bought for me before he passed away and I treasure this with all of my heart.

Last night I got to meet Joe Washington. Joe freakin Washington. I got to tell him how I grew up with the number 24 on my back and I got to tell him how my dad adored him. Joe smiled and then gave me a hug and told me he was sorry for the loss of my dad. He thanked me for telling him my story. I was so elated and as I looked up into the Oklahoma sky I felt my dad and his ornery, but proud grin as big as the scoreboard that hovers over Owen Field.

It’s always a thrill when you get the chance to meet one of your heroes. When it’s someone that your hero adored, it’s even more special. I was so excited and I turned to my friends and said, “I can’t believe I just taked to Joe Washington.” I enjoyed the rest of the game with a special energy that could only be explained by my dad standing right there with me.

I woke up this morning and I refelcted back to last night’s events I laid there and smiled. I smiled through the tears as I thought back to me standing there with Joe (and my dad). Though I could feel my dad “there” I wished so very much he could be there. I would give anything to see my dad standing next to Joe Washington. But guess what? On behalf of my dad, Joe knows.

Thank you, Joe Washington for being so gracious. Thank you for the memories and allowing me to feel close to my dad. You are truly an Oklahoma Sooner legend. Not only to my precious dad and myself but also to Sooner Nation.

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Baker Mayfield: Ohio Stadium Owner

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By now you know about the flag plant heard around the world of NCAA football.

Technically is was a flag plant gesture. I mean Baker Mayfield does have super powers, but even he can’t plant a flag in artificial turf. Personally, I LOVED the passion and excitement he showed. I even loved the fact that not only was it driven by a really huge victory in the Horseshoe, it clearly was also a statement move. Mayfield  publicly said he was embarrassed that the Ohio State team sang their fight song on our field last season after beating Sooners at home. I was there. I hated it too. I actually felt like Baker was not only “planting the flag”  for his team, but also for me and the rest of Sooner Nation.

Of course there was some backlash that resulted from the incident – we all knew that would happen. However, there was not near as much as I thought there would be. In fact, there was a lot more positive than negative. Obviously most of the adverse comments were from Ohio State fans and players. No surprise. They just lost a game they were favored to win. At home. Ouch. I’m a Sooner fan, I understand. We are all “in it to win it” and when it doesn’t happen it stings. You  just have to suck it up and move along. The only damage that was done was to your egos. I promise, it’ll be ok, Buckeyes.

You know who wasn’t negative? Michigan fans. In fact I had a few messages from Wolverine fans thanking me as if I orchestrated the whole thing. I only wish I had. 

Now let’s all reflect back to when said incident was happening. The Ohio State band was on the field waiting to perform the after game show and got a front row seat for the shenanigans. Every time I watch it I giggle when I see the band members standing there wondering what the heck to do. I imagine dialogue (I know, sad) like: “Hey Jimmy, should we go out there and beat the hell out him with our tubas or should we let the drum corps use their sticks as weapons of mass destruction?” They were at a loss, standing in disbelief unable to defend their precious school with their instruments. Holy crap, can you imagine the damage the baton twirlers could have done? I also pretend that when the band took the field after the Sooners left they coincidentally played “You’re a Grand Ole Flag.” That would have been pure magic. Sooner magic. Oh, and you’re welcome for putting that song in your head.

Baker did issue an apology even though, in my opinion wasn’t needed. He should not apologize for playing and winning with passion. He should not be sorry for causing no harm to anyone or anything. It was a big game and he showed big emotion. He made it clear that what happened last year bothered him and the fact that we went into one of the biggest stadiums in the country and beat the number 2 team at home is plenty of justification to deliver a message. That message is something we as Sooners fans have been missing. We need his passion. We need to see that confidence. We need to show the world we are not pretenders but legitimate contenders. Go out there with that edge and walk that walk, Baker. This is just what Oklahoma needed. Baker Mayfield is a leader and his teammates are following and displaying a will to win that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s exciting and I can not wait to see him on the field Saturday night and hear the Sooner faithful burst into a roar when he and the Sooners come through that tunnel. I only wish he would be carrying the planted flag with him.

P.S. I wish I knew the person who edited the Ohio Stadium Wiki page and made Baker Mayfield the owner. Pure genius.

God, I love college football.

Until next time, Boomer Sooner!!!

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Another Dear Bob Letter 

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Dear Bob,

 It’s been 3 months today. 3 months since you shocked Sooner Nation and broke my heart. Though I am taking it day by day, I am somewhat disappointed in the fact that I am still having a terrible time getting over you. I gave you 18 years – and now all I have is hope. Hope that it won’t take much longer to move on.And hope for the future. I can’t explain how awkward it was Saturday at the home opener and the opening video played and it was not your voice at the end saying “There’s Only One Oklahoma.” Though I was surrounded by almost 90,000 people, I have never felt so lonely.

 And now tomorrow you will be celebrating your 57th birthday. Without me. Ironically my beloved Sooners will actually be in the state you were born in to face those damn Buckeyes. Just the thought of it makes my eyes water a bit. I guess I will not bake a whole cake this year, but instead celebrate your day by eating one solo crimson and cream cupcake.

 I do cling to that hope though. Young Lincoln Riley did a good job with the home opener. I am even somewhat impressed how he is handling the press. Especially knowing that just the 2nd game of his head coaching career is ESPN Game Day worthy. And let’s throw some more irony into it: he just celebrated a birthday himself – he turned 34 on the 5th. Is it fate? Is it a sign that it’s meant to be that Oklahoma will give you and Lincoln a victory in Columbus as a celebration gift to the both of you? This would cause the biggest birthday party ever if that were to happen. I might even be there to jump out of the cake. With pom poms! Nothing. But. Pom poms.

 I am trying to remain positive but I am still trying to mend the broken heart you left me. There’s only so much a girl’s heart can take. It has been suggested that I get to know Lincoln better and I really should give him a chance. People don’t understand. I am trying. I am starting to drink the “Ladies Love Lincoln” kool-aid. I even bought a shirt declaring my love for him. I thought if I show the world I love Lincoln, my heart will follow.

 One thing is certain. I will never forget you and the 18 years of memories we made together. I know you did what you thought you needed to do, and I truly wish you the best. For now, I will continue to show up and be the best fan I can be and attempt to let Coach Riley tear down the walls of my heart. But the reality is Lincoln Riley appears to be my future and I will grow to love him. After all, Big Game Bob has left the building and now we are all in Lincoln’s Park.

Happy birthday, Bob. I hope you get everything you wish for. And I hope one of those wishes is a Sooner victory tomorrow night in the Horseshoe.

I miss you and still love you lots.



P.S. I might start catching some feelings for Lincoln, but he will never wear a visor like you did.

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  Twas September 1st, the night before game day

I’d been waiting seven months for my Sooners to play.

Two jerseys laid out by the recliner with care

Just waiting to see which one I will wear.

There I was nestled all snug in my bed

While visions of tailgating danced in my head.

I dreamt of seeing Boomer and Sooner being saddled

In the tunnel while I was spanked by a Ruf Nex’s paddle. (a girl can only dream)

As I drift deeper into sleep there arose such a clatter

In a fog I jump up to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash

In time to see Joe Castiglione run on the field in a dash.

The Oklahoma moon was the spotlight all aglow

Shining brightly on the events happening below.

When what to my wandering eyes did appear

But the Sooner Schooner carrying some Texas Sux beer.

I suddenly found myself on the 50 yard line

Of Owen Field – the Palace on the Prairie shrine.

Suddenly onto the field I saw a young man approaching slyly

I knew in an instant it must be Lincoln Riley.

More rapid than eagles his players and coaches they came

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:

Now Baker, now Andrews, Smallwood put on a show!

On Dimitri, on Orlando and go Obo go! (Ogbonnia Okoronkwo – outside linebacker – for all you non-Sooner people.)

To the north endzone and back to the south wall,

Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

As leaves that before the wild tornado fly

When they meet with an obstacle, they look to the sky.

They stop for a moment and stare in admiration

At the giant scoreboard atop of Sooner nation.

The renovations kick ass and were so worth the wait

Now they’re excited as ever for fans to come through the gates.

Their eyes, how they twinkled like their helmets under the lights

They too couldn’t wait for Oklahoma football Saturday nights.

Surrounded by greatness of the present and past stories.

The 2017 Sooner squad will continue Oklahoma football glory.

I suddenly found my self strolling – Heisman Park bound

To see Sam, Steve, Jason, Billy and Billy – statues we’ll never take down. (current political reference) 

As I stop to reflect on the memories my beloved OU has given me

The ground started shaking as I head towards Lindsey. (it’s a street for those of you who aren’t familiar)

Must be another earthquake that we’ve all come to dread

Then suddenly I wake up sitting straight up in bed.

It took me a minute – for real it all seemed

Then I come to my senses and realized it was something I dreamed.

I then see the calendar hanging on my wall

And I hop out of bed for today we play ball!

I put on my jersey, I put on my cap

Rushed out the door in a lightning fast snap.

I jumped into my car and heard the motor stormin

I evaded the cops as I headed to Norman.

I’m standing in the stadium with 90,000 proud

Yelling with the best fan base in the country being damn lOUd.

We know victory will be ours as we gain sight of the schooner –

College football is back and to all BOOMER SOONER.

See you Saturday, ya’ll!!!

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It’s Saturday, August 12th. 3 weeks, 21 days, 7 hours and 6 minutes (at the time i am typing this) from the kick off of Sooner football. But who’s counting?


I’m certain I have made it pretty apparent that I am a Sooner fan. Anyone who knows the minimum about me understands the passion behind this fact. My family and friends also know my detestation of Texas. (If you’re a Texas fan, that word means I have deep dislike. I know, words with more than 2 syllables are hard for those of you that like burnt orange) With that being said, there are 63 days left until my beloved Sooners make that annual trek to the Cotton Bowl to play “that” team. (Again, who’s counting?)

In early preparation I have ordered the perfect cap for a girl such as myself. Plain white lid with TEXAS SUX in beautiful crimson. Nothing fancy – just my style with the simple statement. This will most likely become my favorite piece of headwear and I plan on displaying it prOUdly as much as possible. Why am I telling you about a cap that displays my feelings for Texas? It’s not as if you didn’t already know. Let me explain.

First, let me give you a visual. Here is a picture of the hat:

After posting a picture of said cap on social media I received a couple of comments telling me how “unladylike” it is to wear such a thing in public. Really? Have you met me??? Your definition of “ladylike” is questionable. These comments were from females by the way. There are worse things that can be said than TEXAS SUX. Last time I checked I lived in the United States and this gives me the right to freedom of speech. Not only do I have this freedom, I also have the right to my own opinion. My opinion just happens to be the truth. Texas does indeed suck.

If my wearing this cap offends you, then you should be over the edge in disappointment once I get the matching shirt. I can and will wear these articles of clothing and still be a lady. It’s clear that these comments came from judgmental women who have not been in my company while I’m actually watching sports.

During game time I will yell. If I amnot at the actual game and watching on tv, I have been known to toss a remote. (or 2) And believe it or not I have been heard cursing like a sailor. Including dropping the forbidden, “unladylike” F bomb. I am a woman, I love football, and I will show my passion for the things and people I love. If you have a problem with it, I don’t really give a shit. (<——— unladylike curse word.)

It’s time people realize that girls can be avid sports fans as much as guys. There is nothing wrong with me showing the love for my team and/or my unapproval of a team that wears ugly ass (<———-unladylike word) burnt orange and has an upside down uterus as thier team logo. Speaking of the uterus, I was born with one. That simple fact right there automatically qualifies me as a lady. After I was born, I was raised to loathe any team south of the Red River and I have carried on that family tradition fittingly and enthusiastically. My dad would be proud.

I firmly believe that ANY fan from the great state of Oklahoma should feel the same. Even those fans of the bright orange. They should also be proud Texas haters. We are all all Oklahomans and we should ALL equally hate Bevo’s team. Poke fans, you too should display this message proudly. I don’t even care if the words are printed in bright orange. We, as citizens of the great SOONER state should unite and show the world that TEXAS SUX. I should run for governor on this platform.

The moral to this story is – don’t tell me I am unladylike or unrefined because I am passionate for not only my love of the Sooners but equally as passionate for the hatred of our rivals. I am a loyal fan. I am a sports enthusiast. There are a hell (<———-unlady like word depending on how it’s used) of lot worse things than TEXAS SUX that could be said or displayed on my body. (There’s a good possibility there is) Don’t say I am not a lady just because your man likes to have a conversation with me about something you know nothing about. Chances are you have no desire to learn about sports and you are jealous because your husband or boyfriend dig chicks who enjoy the game of football and can actually speak intelligently on the subject.

I AM a lady, sweetheart. A lady who knows that it’s a fact that TEXAS SUX.

Bitches. (<————-unladylike word unless speaking of female dogs)


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     Another Father’s Day is here and I am here only wishing I could spend it with mine. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my dad. I wonder what type of angelic trouble he is getting himself into. He was a real jester. Some may have considered him “ornery”. I thought he was funny as hell. I’m not saying I’m funny – but I definitely know where my sense of humor comes from. 

     My dad is also the reason I am the sports nut I am. You know the story of how I was almost born on a baseball field. He spent practically his entire life on a baseball field. After his playing days were over he coached for many, many years. After his coaching days were over he just coudn’t stay away so he umpired almost every night of the week. When he wasn’t behind the plate calling strikes and balls he was working in the local minor league team office selling tickets. Anything to still be part of the game. I promise, he is up in heaven organizing a game as you read this.

     Baseball wasn’t the only sport he loved. He was fond of all of them. He had competition running through his veins. I also inherited that from him. He is the reason I am a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Though we agreed on most teams, the Steelers were not one of them. I learned watching football was a way to spend some time with him since he was coaching the majority of the time. I knew that he would be in front of the tv every Sunday watching football. It was always in a back room because my mom had her fill of sports for the week by the time Sunday came around. I started going back there with him and that’s when I discovered the Steelers. My dad was cheering for the opposition – not because he was a fan, but because he probably had a bet on them. It was right then and there as a 7 year old little girl that I decided the Steelers were my team. Not only because they were winning but because my dad didn’t want them to and I got his attention by rooting for the “bad guys.” I loved that attention from him. After that we watched football together every Sunday. I stayed loyal to the Steelers and he remained loyal to the team he laid money on. Those Sundays were some of the best days of my childhood.

     Some other favorite memories of being with my dad are being at Busch stadium. We went to St. Louis a lot when I was growing up. Our family were all Cardinals fans whether we wanted to be or not. There were so many long, hot days spent at the ballpark but I wouldn’t change it for anything. As I reflect back, seeing my dad in his “element” is a memory I will cherish forever. He had his program, his pencils, and the line ups already pre-written out. He was a stat machine and wrote down every single stat possible for every single player. There wasn’t a sports trivia question he couldn’t answer. At those games he was coaching from the bleachers and wasn’t afraid to yell advise to the coaches or to anyone who would listen. 

     Speaking of giving a coach advice – my dad gave Bob Stoops a LOT of advice. When Coach Stoops would do the Coach’s show on the radio my dad called in EVERY SINGLE TIME. I was horrified. I just knew Bob would find out I was Ken in Tulsa’s daughter and be banned from campus and the stadium forever. Now, I just laugh. Lincoln Riley is getting off easy – trust me. My dad was a loyal Barry Switzer fan, so when Bob came in he saw some potential and he believed it was up to him to make him and our beloved Sooners winners again. Good job, Dad.

     One of my favorite memories with my dad is my first trip to Norman and a Sooners game. I was so excited that it was just him and I going to a football game. I had no idea I was getting ready to walk into the fire that would consume my soul for the rest of my life. Who knew a 9 year old girl would get cold chills walking up a ramp and seeing a football field. I’ll never forget that feeling. I wanted to be part of it. Dad bought me this kick ass white satin jacket with red Sooners across the front and Oklahoma on the back. It was 4 times too big but I didn’t care. I was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I think it fit for 5 seasons after that. Every time I wore it I was so proud. Not only of the jacket itself, but because my dad bought it for me and his eyes lit up whenever he saw me in it. So many cherished memories.

     My most precious memory of all has to be my wedding day. I’m not sure if my dad’s heart was breaking because his daughter was getting married or because she was marrying a guy that went to Oklahoma State. The only betrayal worse would be if he woud have been from Texas. Dad BEGGED me not to marry this guy. Not as hard as I begged to wear a tux to give me away. It was the first and only time he would wear one. How handsome he looked that day – even after the rough start. When it was time to leave for the church he had locked himself in the bathroom. My mom and I were getting angry – our nerves were already peaking – and here he is trying to make us late. As I angrily approached the door to bang on it in a violent, bridezilla rage, I heard a sound I had never heard before. My dad was crying. The biggest, strongest man I had ever known was crying. All I could do was stand there and listen. It was that moment that I realized he was in pain. He felt like he was losing his little girl. I told him we would meet him at the church. I let him have his moment and I knew he wouldn’t let me down and he would show up on time. And he did. I never did let him know what I heard. Never. Now, all the way down the aisle he told me the car was right out front and ready to go – all I had to do is turn around and run for it. “I can’t believe you’re marrying and OSU guy. Where did I go wrong?” Those were his last words spoken before he gave me away.

     As much as he hated the thought of me living in a house divided, he was always good to my husband. And he was the ONLY person that came to me and just let me cry and be angry when my husband died. No questions asked. He was just there. I think it was partly because he didn’t have the words and didn’t want to say the wrong thing. But mostly I think he was just there to make sure I was ok. I  remember asking him to leave and I don’t know if I ever told him how much I appreciated his presence. 

     And now here we are. Another Father’s Day without him. So much was left unsaid that I will never forgive myself for not saying. Just like so many others, I wish I had just one more moment with him. I do take some comfort in knowing that in my my heart I think he knows. I believe he is looking down on me and can hear me tell him on this special day and every day – I love and miss you, Dad. 

     Oh and Dad, please be the angel on Lincoln Riley’s shoulder. I know you’re leading a choir with crimson halos singing Boomer Sooner. 
***FUN DAD FACT*** My dad still holds the national high school baseball record for most grand slams hit in one inning. Stud.

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My Dear Lincoln Letter

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Dear Lincoln,

         I know we don’t know each other very well, but that’s all about to change. I realize it hasn’t been a full day since Bob and I broke up, but I’m not the type of girl that dwells in the past. I must look ahead to the future, and as of yesterday you sir, ARE my future.

        Let me keep this real. Please try to understand my apprehension. But before Bob there was Howard and John. They really jerked me around and left me wounded and angry. But then Bob came along with his big game talk and captured my heart fairly quickly. And as you know, it was good for 18 and a half years. So, I am nowhere near ready to say you and I are destiny. That remains to be seen. I may have some unresolved trust issues, but I am working on that. 

I’m just a crazed fan/alum doing my best to move on. Don’t let the term “crazed” scare you. It’s not like I am going to be calling or texting you fifty times a day or hanging out outside your house or the locker room.


       Also, Lincoln you’re going to have to understand that I may never get over Bob. There will ALWAYS be a place in my heart for him. We had a long, happy relationship and I am still not to the “letting go” point. So, in those intimate game time moments if I scream out his name, please forgive me. I’ve seen you in a visor. You can pull it off, but not quite like him. Maybe I prefer a more mature man. Maybe I’m not comfortable with being labeled a cougar. Whatever it is, my feelings for Bob were and are real and probably will remain for a long time.

      That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give us a chance. I’m here and I’m open to whatever this becomes. I know you’re an intelligent guy and understand you are about to attempt to fill some really big shoes. Enormous shoes. And you know what they saw about a guy with big feet? That’s right, they beat Texas, Ok. State, and win big XII Championships.

       Not only do I like and/or prefer big feet, I also absolutely adore shiny things. Shiny things that sit on a shelf and shiny things that fit on a finger – not necessarily my finger. And Lincoln, if you really want to win my heart forever – and I’m sure this is your priority – bring me a National Championship shiny object. Bob did. Once. He tried more than once, but it wasn’t written in the stars. But he provided a LOT of bling in our time together. This is your chance to prove to me that not only can you wear Bob’s shoes but you can complain that they are too tight.

        I do appreciate how you are open to letting Bob remain in my life as a friend. There’s no need for jealousy, you just have to learn to grasp that he will always be there to support us. Your understanding in this matter shows me you may be more mature than I thought. You may be young, but so far it seems just maybe you’ve got this adulting thing down.

       SO here I am. Just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her. I’m sure I can learn to love you in return. Until then I will be supportive, positive, and only good words will fall from my lips when I speak your name. After all, we are now a couple and it is up to us to become a power couple.

     Just as I ended my “Dear Bob Letter” yesterday with a song lyric, I shall end yours with one as well. As Travis Tritt said back in the 90’s:

So what I really need to know is, can I trust you with my heart?

I’m ready for the Life of Riley.

Love and Boomer Sooner,


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