It’s been 11 days since the Super Bowl. Life without football has begun.

Or has it????

It’s normally a very dismal time of year. Usually, for me there is an insipid gap between Super Bowl Sunday and March Madness. It’s the time of year where I usually take advantage of Netflix and PPV channels and try to nourish my mind with something other than sports.

Speaking of PPV channels, the other night I was looking for a game and discovered where the PPV porn channels are through my satellite provider. My attention rapidly moved from locating the game to the titles of these adult entertainment pieces of art. I was in the middle of a phone conversation and was so distracted by the title: Saturday Night Beaver I had to stop mid-conversation and giggle like a 12-year-old boy. True story, the last time I giggled in such an immature fashion was when I stopped off at Bunghole Liquor and asked the cashier to pronounce the name of the store multiple times. I’ll give you a second to say it out loud……

Anyway, I couldn’t help but wonder if the soundtrack to Saturday Night Beaver is as good as the original.

Probably not. Although, now that I think about it, wasn’t the Cherry Picker a name of a very popular disco dance featured in Saturday Night Fever? Cherry Picker….Saturday Night Beaver….cherry…. kind of goes hand in hand, right?

What game was I looking for again?

Ok, back to the main topic. The name of the blog is SheSaidSports not SheSaidPorn.

Sports, Leesa, sports.

March Madness is just around the corner. Major League Baseball Spring training starts next week, the NBA is in full swing and there’s a new little thing called the AAF. The Alliance of American Football. FOOTBALL!!!!! Football in February and March??? It’s true.

They’re calling it the Alliance. It’s a professional league consisting of eight centrally owned and operated teams: The AAF’s inaugural eight franchises are as follows:

  • Arizona Hotshots

  • Atlanta Legends

  • Birmingham Iron

  • Memphis Express

  • Orlando Apollos

  • Salt Lake Stallions

  • San Antonio Commanders

  • San Diego Fleet

There are some notable names in the league both on the player and coaches front. Steve Spurrier is the coach of Orlando, Dennis Erickson is heading the Salt Lake City team; Mike Singletary is the front man for Memphis and Rick Neuheisel is head coach of what I’ve chosen as my favorite team, the Arizona Hot Shots. I decided to choose Arizona only because Trevor Knight is on the team.

After watching their first game, I almost changed my mind because their uniforms gave me a headache. And honestly, the name Hot Shots sounds like a can of something that kills roaches. Nevertheless, I chose the Hot Shots so I shall remain a Hot Shots fan despite how they look. I mean they have a great personality and that’s what really counts. (please enter sarcastic reading tone here)

If you’re not familiar with the Alliance, let me educate you in the most efficient manner I know how.

There are 8 teams and it will be a 10-week season. The playoffs will consist of four teams, the top two teams from each conference and the league’s championship game will be played in Vegas on April 27th.

There are some notable rule changes that, in my opinion keep the game moving at a faster pace. Adding to the faster pace is the fact that there are no television timeouts and 60 percent fewer “full-screen commercials.”

There are no extra-point kicks and teams must attempt two-point conversions after a touchdown. There are also no kickoffs. Each team will start from their own 25-yard line at the start of each half and after scores.

The Alliance is serious about their balls. I mean, shouldn’t everyone be? They have planted a tracking device in each game ball and players are not allowed todeliberately spike or throw the football into the stands or hand it off to a spectator following a touchdown. If they do it will result in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. In other words – handle your balls with care and keep them to yourselves, fellas. You have been warned. Other touchdown celebrations are allowed, and I saw some comical ones this past weekend.

I think my favorite change is that officiating has a ninth member, called a sky judge, an off-the-field official who reviews every play using technology like a booth review. The sky judge can call or take away penalties missed or made by the field officials. So obviously, the sky judge is the shit and/or the Simon Cowell of the AAF.

So there it is – a very brief description of the new Alliance of American Football. To be honest, I had fun watching it and it doesn’t hurt that 2 of my favorite former Steelers, Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward are high in the front office. How could it not be a good product with those two names??

If you have a football jones like I do for 6-7 months out of the year, check out the AAF and feed your football fix.

Football is good. Very, very good.

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My Last “Dear Bob” Letter

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Dear Bob,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but please know I haven’t forgotten about you. The truth is I think about you often. However, you’ve been on my mind more than usual lately since the news was broken that you are going to be the head coach and GM of the Dallas franchise in the re-launched XFL league.

Bob, it’s been a rough week for me. My best friend and sidekick for almost 11 years left for a better opportunity, I’ve inherited a horrible ringing in my ears due to a chronic vertigo situation, and apparently, I have been banned and/or blocked from That’s another story for another day, but it does leave me questioning my romantic future. Once again, I will be spending another Valentine’s Day either alone or with Satan because of one single website ban.


And then this news. You’re going to coach south of the Red River. In THAT state – the one I was raised to despise when it comes to all things sports related. As loyal as I am and as much love that I still have for you, please understand the dilemma this puts me in. I really want to support you, but I’ve gotta be honest – it won’t be easy. I mean the last time I rooted for a team from THAT state was never. Never, Bob.

I know you have your reasons for this move, and I can grasp the fact that I may actually never completely understand them, but damn Bob, why???? I feel as if you are not letting me be me and trying to change me. After all our years together, you should realize by now this will never happen. I am who I am. It’s not like I will root against you. Chances are I’m not even going to have a favorite XFL team, but you never know. But know this, if I do I promise that team will not represent THAT state.

Now that I think about it, I guess it will be a lot like the Baker Mayfield being a Cleveland Brown situation. I am so proud of him and his rookie year, and wish him continued success, but my Steeler loving heart will never, ever cheer for the Browns. Never. I also wish you success and will be happy for you when you do succeed. And you will – we all know you will. I don’t know who the genius is behind your hire, but kudos to them. Is Vince McMahon the mastermind? Did I just give props to Vince?

So, it has come time to end this letter. I get the eerie feeling this may be the last one. We had a beautiful, long relationship, but I am coming to face the reality that it’s time for me to move on. You will forever hold a place in my heart, and I will (not so) secretly admire you on the sidelines from afar. Coaches in the XFL will wear headsets, right? Just please, PLEASE don’t let them use orange in the new team colors. My heart could not take it.

Love always and Boomer Sooner forever,


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We’re Bringing Hell With Us

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It’s Sunday morning, and though there is an entire day left, this weekend has already been an enlightening one for sure.

Let’s start with Oklahoma vs. West Virginia Friday night.

I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous coming into this game. Ok, I was nervous until the very end, but my boys pulled through! It was indeed a barn burner, but isn’t the object of the game to score more points than the other team? That’s what we did continuing our true road win streak bumping it up to 20 – still the best in FBS. And let’s not forget our November streaking. You’re welcome to the visual, people.

We left moonshine country leaving the Mountaineers STILL (get it, moonshine still?) winless against us since they joined the Big XII, and most importantly we punched our ticket to the Big XII championship game this Saturday against Texas. We also returned to Norman with the best record in the Big XII. Yet there are “fans” that continue to whine and complain about our team. Shut up – we’re 11-1, bitches.

Unless you are living under the proverbial rock, then you already know that the Red River Shootout 2018 part 2 is a real thing. What???? OU vs. Texas twice in one season? The last time this happened was in 1903. (I think – don’t come at me if my info is wrong. Early Sunday morning is my excuse) Right or wrong, it hasn’t happened in a really, really long time.

Kick-off will be Saturday at 11 a.m. Sound familiar? A little déjà vu but this time we will cross the Red River following the game north to Norman with a Big XII Championship trophy on board. I’m not going to lie, I did for one second wonder if that meant we could bring the Golden Hat back to where it really belongs, but I’d rather have the Big XII Championship trophy. (but really, is the hat saved for just the regular season game?) This game is an early Christmas gift and I can’t wait to see it unwrapped. You have to agree, that winning the Big XII and beating Texas in the same game would be like hitting the lottery.

This blog post has been interrupted by a sudden girl moment………

Meanwhile in the Big XII, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury has been fired after 3 consecutive losing seasons. I must confess that I am somewhat disappointed. Pardon me while I have a girl moment, but there’s not a coach out there that can make play-cards down the front of his pants look so hot. Makes a girl wanna learn how to read in braille.

He provides sideline eye-candy for the ladies and I’ll kinda miss that. Ok, enough girl talk and back to football………..

I’m not even going to start a conversation about the play-off race. I just want to focus on the Big XII Championship and and going into Jerry’s World and finishing the job. One game at a time is how it should be and let the pieces fall where they may. As a fan, I have no control over it, and I refuse to let something I have no control of stress me out. The reality is, someone who feels they deserve to be there will be left out. Welcome to the reality of today’s college football world. As of right now, I’m just going to sit back and fight the jealously of the muchlauded SEC defense that was on display last night during the 7 OT TAMU-LSU game. Because that high scoring marathon of a game is considered greatness by a lot of people – yet our defense is a joke. For those praising that high scoring affair and saying our defense sucks because of how many points are put up against us, suck it. Get off our jocks – again the team with the most points gets the win.

I expect my Sooners to come away with the most points on Saturday and a 4th straight Big XII Championship along with a great big plate of Longhorn with a double scoop of revenge on the side. You’re going down Bevo and it’s going to taste so good.

Look out Texas, the Sooners are coming and they’re bringing hell with them.

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The Hills are Alive….

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Black Friday 2018.

I am not fighting shopping crowds to buy a new tv. Mine work just fine. I have made the choice to save my energy and psychologically prepare for the game tonight. I am certain I will need every ounce.

This game being played on the Friday after Thanksgiving is just wrong. Those suffering from a holiday hangover need that extra day to completely be ready for such a big event – and this is a big event. The biggest so far. Here I am trying to recover from an entire day and a half of cooking, eating and listening to arguments of whether that one certain pie is pronounced pee-can or puh-khan. I am emotionally drained and now I have to get myself together to watch my team march into Morgantown, West Virginia and face a team that more than likely want to try to actually kill our guys.

If you watched last season’s game in Norman, you should remember. It was ugly – physical and ugly. Not as ugly as Dana Holgerson’s hair, but really damn ugly. Especially that first half.

Sooners won the game 59-31 and the Mountaineers left the field pissed. Trust when I say tonight, in their minds, this IS their national championship. The Sooners are the only team they haven’t beaten since joining the Big XII in 2012. Beating Oklahoma could punch their ticket to the Big XII Championship game, knock the Sooners out of it and depending on how the game goes potentially hurt any chances of a Heisman for Kyler Murray. I believe they will come after Murray fast and furious and as much as I hope I’m wrong, I think their goal is to take him out of the game early. I just wanna wrap Kyler up in bubble wrap for this game but I’ll rely on our OL to protect him – after all they are among the best in the country. We also know Kyler is the best in the country and I would give anything for him to light up the West Virginia defense just like they light their couches on fire. (allegedly)

The Sooners have everything on the line tonight. Our 19-game true road game win streak – the longest in the country; 16 straight wins in the month of November; a Big XII Championship berth; and a possible Heisman trophy. We are going into a very hostile environment in the land of moonshine and hillbillies. I just hope and pray those hills are alive with the sound of Boomer Sooner. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this game, but at this point I should be used to it. I may need stress therapy once this season ends. I have a feeling this game will be no different, and I may need blood pressure meds after all is said and done.

You know what would help with some of my Sooner stress? Avoiding social media and the all the negativity I see every single day from our own fans. Believe me, I understand the frustration, I get it. Yes Kansas scored 40 points on us – I was there. But in the end, we scored more points which allowed us to win the game along with 9 other games this season. Do these fans realize how many teams in the country would love to be 10-1? Do I realize our defense needs improvement? Of course – I am not blind, deaf, or stupid. However, I refuse to bitch, complain and degrade the kids who are out on the field playing hard in a Sooner unifirm. Again – don’t get it twisted – I understand where those complaints are coming from. I guess I love my team so much that like a parent, I don’t want to hear bad things about my boys. Even though we have barely escaped some games, we are still ranked number 6, still 10-1, and STILL have a shot at the Big XII Championship. Overall, that sounds like a pretty successful season so far. Tonight, let’s stop with negativity and display nothing but positive vibes while our boys once again score more points than the other team and leave Morgantown with another Big XII Championship in our very near future.

For those of you fortunate enough to be at the game tonight, please exude the winning spirit for all of us and represent Sooner Nation in class and style as Sooners always do. Travel safely, and please don’t question the Mountaineer cheerleaders on why they wear bibs. They are too embarrassed to say out loud they are there to keep the tobacco juice off their uniforms.

I now have ZERO friends left in the state of West Virginia.

4 hours til kick-off – let’s do this! Gonna be a barn-burner, ya’ll!

Boomer Sooner!

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Master Blaster and Bedlam

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It’s Bedlam week! It’s Bedlam week!

But if you’re an Oklahoma football fan you already know this. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and if you have been then chances are, you’re an Oklahoma State fan and it takes you a little longer to figure things out.

My apologies, I did not mean that. (or did I???) I have a lot of friends that are Poke fans and I don’t want to use this as a forum to insult them. I adore those friends and they are good people, so I try real hard to minimize the trash talk, even though a select few blasted me with shit talk when they beat Texas. However, with the election and crazy amount of political disagreements that I have seen rip friendships apart, the last thing I want to do is get in a nasty war of words with longtime friends over a football game. I am electing to let the talking be done on the field and the scoreboard. Oh, by the way, I hate orange, but those friends already know and accept that.

After escaping out of Lubbock Saturday night, I expect my Sooners to come out ready to beat Little Brother into submission. As I try to remain sensitive to my orange (choke) wearing friends, I would love to see Mike Gundy cry. I want us to beat them that bad. I know it’s only a dream because I think the only tears we would see from Gundy is if someone told him the mullet has been outlawed. As you have learned, I do not predict scores, but I will go out on a limb and say we will prove exactly why we refer to them as Little Brother. OSU fans really need to stop being so sensitive about that – they should just feel lucky they are even mentioned as part of the family. (Only because we share a state) And I personally, need a big win. My heart cannot take another game like Texas Tech.

Speaking of the Tech game….I was at the Stevie Wonder concert as this nerve wracking event was taking place. I was watching and listening to Stevie while I was keeping up with the game on my phone. As he was just getting into Master Blaster, Robert Barnes intercepted a pass when the Red Raiders were going for 2 to tie the game and returned it the length of the field for 2 points instead for the good guys. As this was happening, I was jumping up and down like I had the musical spirit in me and dancing to the song in the church of Stevie Wonder. I damn near started speaking in tongue. Thank goodness Stevie couldn’t see me. That would have been embarrassing.

After the concert, the guy sitting behind me professed his love for me. Apparently, he is also a Sooner fan, and little did I know he was looking over my shoulder throughout the concert keeping himself up to date on the score. Ironically, the game ended about the same time the show did and he stopped and told me he thinks he loves me for keeping him updated. We high-fived in celebration of pulling out the win, and I’m not sure but in football terms, that special high-five may mean we’re engaged. Sooner Magic, ya’ll.

Speaking of engagements, during the last home game there was a guy who proposed to his girlfriend in the stands and it was a big mush fest. She said yes, she cried, people clapped…..blah, blah, blah. I really do hope they live happily ever after and pro-create adding more fans to our great Sooner Nation. This leads me to wonder how many proposals have been made in Stillwater? Probably not many. I bet the guys that date OSU fangirls feel relieved. Especially the commitment shy guys. They know those girls will NEVER expect a ring.

So here we are – 5 sleeps away from Bedlam. I’m not going to lie, but I got real excited to see we were given a 2:30 kick-off. I’m over the 11 am bullshit. The weather is supposed to be nice with a fall-like crisp in the air, but of course this is Oklahoma and the weather will be a game time decision. If you are one of the few that is an avid reader of this blog, you will be thrilled to learn that my adventures with Shirley and Jill will continue this upcoming Sooner football Saturday. I’m sure there will be shenanigans and I can hardly wait to see what Norman has in store for us. Wait, maybe I got that backwards – (backwards? Now I’m just speaking Pokeinese.) What I should say is Norman can hardly wait to see what the three of us has in store. Whatever happens, I anticipate great times. I hope to see you there!

See you Saturday!

Boomer Sooner!

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Saturday morning roughly 92,000 rabid fans will enter the Cotton Bowl to create a scene like no other. Half the stadium will be clothed in a disgusting shade of orange – so repulsive that I would rather lick the bottom of a sewage drain than have to look at it. The other half of the stadium – the better half – will be in the most glorious shade of red that is so beautiful even angels cry when they look directly it.

Yes, it’s OU-Texas week.

If you’ve never experienced this grand event known as the Red River Shootout (also known as the Red River Rivalry because apparently the word “shootout” is politically incorrect in today’s world) and you’re a Sooner fan, this must go on your bucket list. Just the sight of the stadium being divided down the middle with a glorious sea of Sooner red on the good side and a disgusting unflushed toilet filled with burnt orange on the other. It is quite the spectacle. Even the smells are distinctive – the smell of victory from the Sooner side and the smell of Bevo shit from the other.

Speaking of Bevo……

How could Texas fans be ok with eating their own mascot? This seems like a problem to me. Would I have Boomer or Sooner for a meal? NO. No, I wouldn’t. I have had a shot of Sooner Magic and that wasn’t even strong enough to make me want to dine on my beloved school’s mascot. (Ok, so maybe it was more than one shot, but you get where I’m going with this.) If Bevo was so beloved,you would think their entire fan base would be like Chik Fila and “Eat More Chikn.” But nooooooo, these people feast on Bevo’s relatives morning, noon and night. Every. Single. Day. I feel like that falls under some sort of cannabilism, voodoo, fandom shit. I don’t know how to categorizeit but it just feels wrong. Leave the Bevo burgers to us Okies, because we’re gonna grill that Texas ass.

Speaking of ass…….

Longhorn cheerleaders. There must be a reason they keep Bevo on a leash. It must be because he spies from his big, ugly, cow eyes the Texas cheer squad and he is confused because he thinks he is back home in the pasture. The leash is to keep him from roaming over and having a family reunion. I suppose they could utilize him and build a pyramid on his back – at least he would be doing something other than just lying there like Sam Ehlinger will be doing once Caleb Kelly or Kenneth Murray break him in half. Seriously, Bevo literally just lays there like ground beef gathering flies. I’m not sure if the flies followed him to the game or if they migrated over from sidelines where the cheerleaders are. I feel bad for the flies having to live in such a state of confusion.

Speaking of confusion……

My friends from SoonerFootballFans brought to my attention that Tom Herman kisses each player on the cheek before each game. I did a little research because…..well because. Apparently, this is true. I’m just really confused by this. I’m a firm believer in “love is love” but I find this very strange. Am I alone here? I’m not a college male (believe it not) but I think I might be a tad bit uncomfortable having my coach kiss me on the cheek before every game. I just can’t help but wonder what happens when one of his players does something outstanding on the field. This is where I would rather think of a lifeless, fly infested Bevo than the picture being painted in my head. Thanks guys for the sick visual.

Speaking of visions…..

We have come full circle. Saturday will provide visions of the Golden Hat being held in celebration by my beloved Oklahoma Sooners.

There will be visions of half empty bleachers as the Texas fans file out early because the force of the can of Oklahoma Ass-Whoopin that was opened was too much to handle. There’s not a better feeling in the world than a victory in the state of Texas. (Unless it’s an 8th National Championship) I look forward to celebrating with corn dogs and beer. And beer. Did I say beer?

Of course, I predict the Sooners to win, but I don’t think it will be a blow-out like we all hope. I’d love to be wrong, but I do have a feeling this will definitely live up to the name Red River Shootout.

See you Saturday!

Boomer Sooner!


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Oklahoma-28 Army-21 OT

Oklahoma beats Army in an overtime thriller.

What a night!

There were parachutes.

There were helicopters.

There was an American flag that nearly covered the entire field.

We got to see a surprise military homecoming that may or may not have made me cry like a baby.

My God, there were even free chicken shirts.

Oh, and there was a football game.

The day started off very well. What was forecasted earlier in the week to be a giant deluge of rain ended up being a wonderful, fall-ish afternoon and evening with a welcomed cool breeze. I went to the game with my friend – a Sooner football virgin. I will call her Mary. Not because I just referred to her as a virgin, but because her name is Mary. When I got into her car I was pleasantly surprised by her outfit. (I use the word outfit with a purpose – you will soon find out why) She was dressed in Sooner colors. Mary happens to be an OSU alum, hence the surprise. (Yes, I have friends outside of my Sooner world) Huge props to her for the choice of apparel.

The drive to Norman was great as Mary and I talked at the speed of 10 words a second with gusts to 50. I learned during this time that she really did not know a whole lot about football. I did my best to teach her the basics and she can now tell the difference between offense and defense. Most importantly, she also understands the greatness of the Sooner offense and I assured her she would see plenty of it to get an even better understanding.

Anyway, as I was talking about the different positions, she wasted no time in deciding that her favorite position is tight end and she thinks everyone should be one. Or have one. I’m still not sure.

At the gate we were offered GO OU stickers. Of course, I slapped one on quickly and proudly. In the corner of my eye I saw Mary accept the sticker and place it on her shirt. I knew she was cool like that. We walked up the ramp and she got the view. You know the one: THE VIEW. That first sight of the greatest field in college football. Although I don’t think she got goose bumps like I do every single time, she immediately felt inspired to take pictures. How can you not? You are in the Palace on the Prairie – which must be a lot like heaven.

As we reached our seats Mary asked if what the Army guys were wearing were their real outfits. I giggled and confirmed that yes, those are their real outfits. She seemed disappointed and suggested they get individual names on the back of their jerseys instead of ARMY. She also strongly believed that there should be some splash of color to help make their outfits stand out. She was perplexed why there would be no costume changes at halftime and I could not provide a decent answer.

As the players were warming up, a ball was thrown that came close to where we were sitting. Mary asked if many people ever get hit by one and I told her I’ve never seen it happen. 20 seconds later I turned my head only to see a ball aiming straight for my face. Just in time, a kid jumped in front of me and caught it. I thanked him for saving my life. Ok, so maybe my life was not really in danger and it was a bit dramatic, but he saved my nose for sure. Out of control footballs happened about 4 more times and Virgin Mary said she has never had so many balls in her face.

At some point during all the pre-game pageantry Mary caught a shirt that was thrown. I’m not sure how I missed this as I was standing right next to her. Suddenly a rolled t-shirt appeared in her hands as if it fell from the heavens. The chicken heavens. After asking where it came from she said they were throwing them. Who was throwing them? How the blue hell did I miss this? I was RIGHT THERE! It was a promotional t-shirt from a local chicken restaurant and she was lucky enough to snag one. What a souvenir from your first trip to an OU game! I mean it’s not every day a girl gets a free chicken shirt. Mary is just clucky.

Mary and the mysterious chicken shirt.

Pre-game was nothing short of amazing. There were 5 Army Black Daggers that dropped down from the sky, one of them carrying the game ball. (It was one of the coolest things I have seen before a game.) As each one landed the guns went off and the crowd got louder. Made me even more thankful that Mother Nature cooperated. The Pride of Oklahoma and Army ROTC bands joined together for the National Anthem as the biggest flag I’ve ever saluted was displayed covering almost the entire field. I have to say, the little girl behind us who appeared to be 7 or 8 years old sang the anthem so loud and proud it truly warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. Even the crowd did not end the song with “home of the Sooners” as a sign of respect for our military. And of course, immediately following the anthem, a Black Hawk, Chinook, and Lakota helicopter flew over the stadium. The reception the Army team was given made me proud to be an American and a Sooner. The whole scene was a thing of beauty.

Halftime was also entertaining as the Army Silent Drill Team performed before the Pride took the field. It was very interesting to watch – their skill is amazing and the fans were mesmerized by their display.

Additionally, during halftime, walk-on linebacker, Josh Schenk marched with a troop of ROTC Cadets in his Sooners uniform. They stopped on the south end of the field and sang the Army Song. It was pretty damn special. It tugged at my heartstrings a bit as it made me think of and miss my dad. He was the biggest Sooners fan I’ve ever known and an Army vet. I just knew the pyrotechnics that followed the song were a sign that he was there enjoying the game right along with me.

If only he could somehow arrange a chicken shirt to land in my hands next time.

As you all know, I’m not much to write about the actual game and spew a bunch of stats that you’ve already read multiple times. I write about the experience and this was very much a fantastic one. Yes, the game was uber exciting, yet nerve wracking all rolled into one. As usual I heard the bitching and moaning about our defense. Could we have done a better job tackling? Maybe. Have I expressed disappointment in them at times? Guilty. However, we faced a triple option offense that our guys see once a year at best. They kept a team that had the ball for 45 minutes to 3 scores and stopped them when it counted most. You do the math. Oh, and by the way – congratulations to Kenneth Murray for getting National Defensive Player of the week accolades. He had 28 tackles and the recognition is much deserved. We won the game in nail-biting, overtime fashion and remain unbeaten. If you want to continue to complain about our defense, please don’t do so in my presence. Be happy and proud of the victory. Bitches.

Saving the best for last: In the second quarter the family of Sgt. Brandi Dill was brought to the South End Zone. Sgt. Dill has been deployed and they played a video message from her to her family on the big scoreboard. They were in tears seeing her. Suddenly she came sprinting out of the Army tunnel and her family was shocked and overjoyed and huddled around her as the crowd went absolutely crazy. Most of us were wiping our own tears. It was yet another beautiful sight and I feel honored to have the memory of attending this game.

A beautiful military homecoming surprise.

Thanks to Mary for being a good sport and going to the game with me. I enjoyed every minute of the time we spent together. But, I am still wondering where the hell the chicken shirt came from. #chickenshirtgate

I can’t end this story without mentioning THE Baker Mayfield. He was at the game as I’m sure you already know. Even though he wasn’t in a Sooners “outfit” he was welcomed back with a roar of appreciation. It was great to see him back on our home turf.

Baker Mayfield returns home.

Thank you to all military, past and present.

We are now 5 sleeps away from going on a Bear hunt. See you Saturday.

Boomer Sooner.

Beat Baylor.

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