Amid the chaos that is the World Cup, there are two things that really stand out to me. Please keep in mind that I am not a soccer fan, nor do I know the rules and/or pretend to have an in-depth knowledge of the sport. I understand the basics: Kick the ball into the opponents’ net. Do not use your hands unless you are defending said net. If you score more goals than the other team, you win. As I said, I know just the basics.
The excitement of the World Cup does grab my attention though. After all, I am a sports fan and soccer is the most popular sport in the world. YES, I know it is called futbol in most countries however since I am in the U.S. I will be referring to this game as soccer. With that being said, this is the official first SheSaidSports World Cup special.
What are the two things that stand out to me, you ask?
First – The obvious: there are some very beautiful soccer players in this world of ours. As I watch these games trying my best to learn more about the sport and become somewhat knowledgeable about it, I find myself distracted by the good looks of so many of these guys. Yes, Ronoldo is included in this beautyfest, but HELLO Gerard Pique from Spain. This man has “piqued” more than my interest. I’m not gonna lie, I think I want Spain to win this whole thing just so I can see him wrap his strong, masculine hands around that hard golden trophy……..see distracted. In fact, Spain must pick a majority of their players on looks alone. (Girls, check out Iker Casillas and David Villa too) Anyway, my point is I can easily become a soccer fan. Shallow? Maybe. It’s kind of like when men watch and comment on cheerleaders at other sporting events. They don’t watch them because of their cheering or dancing ability. Don’t judge me for my admiration of hot soccer players.

Gerard Pique – Team Spain

Second: Apparently there is an underwear check of players before each game. From my understanding the underwear must be the same color as the shorts. Not only that, but they are checking for unapproved “messages” on the underwear. So, in other words I can’t pay a soccer player to add the SheSaidSports logo to his underwear and then ask him to drop them in the middle of a game for the world to see. I guess a Danish player a few years back got fined $126,000 for wearing the wrong underwear – they had a sponsor’s name on them. One hundred and twenty-six THOUSAND dollars! That’s a helluva lotta money for dropping trou. Now what I am having trouble grasping is why the underwear must be the same color of the shorts. Are they afraid people might see through the shorts? I needed an answer, so I decided to do some research which led to an even more important question.

Nicklas Bendtner – Danish player fined $126,000 for showing his underwear.
In my extensive research in this matter I came across the FIFA website which clearly defines what the players are required to wear. This is what I found:
– A jersey or shirt – if undergarments are worn, the color of the sleeve should be the same main color as the sleeve of the jersey or shirt. *but WHY??? I need to know WHY.
– Shorts – if undershorts are worn, they are the same main color as the shorts.
– Stockings
– Footwear
Footwear? You mean the players are required to wear shoes? No shit. But wait – excuse me? IF undergarments are worn?!?!?!? I am not a guy (In case you were questioning) but I am very visual. I’m having a difficult time believing a soccer player would choose not to wear underwear. I mean they do a lot of running and I don’t think I would want my junk flopping all over the place when racing up and down a big ass soccer field. Not to mention the chaffing that is going to occur. Yikes! So, is this really a thing? Are there players out there that do NOT wear underwear? And if there are, I want to know how the ref who is doing the underwear check reacts. Wait. Maybe I am overthinking this. Surely, they wear a cup. Or a jock strap…. whatever the kids are calling them these days. Whatever it is called wouldn’t it still be qualified as an undergarment? And I imagine it would still be uncomfortable as hell. All I know is I’ve never seen one worn OVER any garments. And yes, I have seen plenty. These guys are out there with the main objective of kicking balls – surely, they are protecting their own from being put in the net.
Clearly, I need to do more research. I have questions that need to be answered. What I really need to know is how I can qualify to be a soccer ref – preferably the one who checks the underwear of Team Spain. I will gladly study for this to enhance my appreciation for soccer. Because I love sports.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the World Cup and your team does well. As for me….GOSpain!
(Yes, I totally chose a team to root for based solely on the appearance of the players. I will not apologize for it.)
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TEAM sig

TEAM sig


Nothing rhymes with orange. There is a good reason for that. Because it is ugly. It is ugly to look at. It is painful to hear, say or even type it. There should be NOTHING that rhymes or resembles orange. In fact, I should start a movement to abolish the color and the word altogether.

You all know me. I hate that color – so the thought of Baker Mayfield wearing it causes me to have ananxiety attack. Not to mention the fact that I am a lifelong Steelers fan and we really dislike the Browns. So you see my dilemma.

I am a member of several “Sooners” groups on social media. I cannot escape the pictures of Baker in his Browns uniform. I am not mentally prepared for this. Do I know it is happening? Yes, I do. Do I know I am going to, at some point see him in above mentioned color? Yes. Yes, I do. Why is it so hard to understand that it will take a lot of mental preparation for me to be able to look at him dressed up like a clown – I mean a Brown – without wanting to cry? Or throw up. Possibly both.

I have also seen a lot of my fellow Sooner fans now becoming Cleveland fans. I’m not saying this is wrong, but I am asking for your understanding that I am as loyal as they come when it comes to my teams so please don’t throw your hate at me when I do not cheer for the Cleveland Browns. Because I will not. I will cheer for Baker to do well – unless he’s playing the Steelers (enter wink emoticon here) – and I do hope he is successful, after all once a Sooner always a Sooner. But there is no way in blue hell I will cheer for the Cleveland Browns. Sorry, it’s just not in my DNA. I may despise the Browns, but I will always love Baker and what he did for Oklahoma. I will be there when his statue is unveiled in Heisman Park. I went from total elation and being a proud Sooner when he was announced as the number 1 draft pick to complete “Oh shit, he’s going to the Browns” in a matter of about 30 seconds. I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from a PTSD from the whole situation. So, don’t get it wrong – I may not cheer for the Browns, but I do want Baker to go to Cleveland and show the NFL world how he can have a positive impact on a team. Honestly, I feel this way about any guy from Oklahoma that moves on to the NFL.

To make things worse I know I’m going to catch hell from people because I’m a Steelers fan and Mason Rudolph and James Washington were both drafted by them. So now I am going to suffer through the shade that’s going to be thrown my way because I am “cheering for Pokes.” No. I will not be cheering for Pokes – I will be cheering for the Steelers. Rudolph and Washington havestopped wearing “that color” and now will be wearing the colors of NFL greatness. Yes, I realize I said, “once a Sooner always a Sooner” so the same thing should apply to these guys – “once a Poke, always a Poke” and that’s fine. They can root for Oklahoma State all they want but as long as they don’t push that nasty habit onto me and help my Steelers win then they can do whatever they want to do on their own time. I’m sure we have gained some new fans from that other school in Oklahoma. And bless their hearts, they may finally get a chance to experience how it feels to win a conference.

The moral to this story is:

  • I want Baker to do well and I believe with all my heart he will.

  • I will not cheer for the Cleveland Browns because he is now on the team.

  • I want the Steelers to win and if Mason Rudolph and James Washington can eventually contribute to the end result of winning then we drafted well.

And finally – and the most important:

    Disclaimer: There was no harm done nor did I mean to cause emotional harm to anyone who wears orange.

You can hear me discuss this very topic and others Wednesday, May 23rd on the Sooner Football Fans podcast:

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The weekend exceeded expectations.

PHASE 1: The Journey

I was picked up by my traveling companions – the same two crazy sisters that made the TCU game trip last time. Once again I shall call them Shirley and Jill. This time Shirley was our captain. I thought I was going to miss out on the shenanigans of sister on sister driving critique, but I was pleasantly surprised that they both curse each other’s driving equally. It is entertaining to say the least sitting in the back laughing at the two of them. They are like Laverne and Shirley at times. (Shirley? What a coincidence!) They made me want to sing “Schlemiel, schlemazel, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated” all the way to Norman. If you don’t know what that means, then you are probably too young to be reading this. We did stop at the EZ Mart at the halfway point to use the bathroom, which turned into a small shopping excursion. Don’t worry, if you are family or friends reading this, we did NOT purchase your Christmas gifts here. Because we are classy ladies. (everyone should be nodding in agreement here)

PHASE 2: Campus Visit

We pulled into Norman around 1:00 Friday afternoon. Immediately we drove to Campus Corneheadedr to a boutique that Shirley had been wanting to go to. As we walked through the door we were informed that everything in the store was 40% off. (You know, that whole Black Friday thing.) I looked at the cute, young blonde sales girl and asked, “EVERYTHING???” She enthusiastically said, “YES!!!” I asked her how much for the chandelier that was hanging from the ceiling and she looked at me with a blank look on her face. Approximately 45 seconds later she then proceeded to tell me that the sale did not include the chandelliers. I would love to say she had a blonde moment, but I’m pretty sure she lived a blonde moment every single minute of every single day. There was a reason why they wouldn’t let her near the cash register. Anyway, the boutique was amazing and the 3 of us all left with merchandise. (We paid first.)

We then headed over to the campus so we could show off Heisman Park to Jill. She had never been and it was one of the highlights of the weekend for me getting to show her the amazing statues of the 5 great Sooner Heisman winners. I even claimed the piece of land where Baker Mayfield’s statue should be. Just like a good Sooner would. We took pictures and contemplated walking through the front doors of the Switzer Center and sneaking onto the field. But for some reason the three of us still had our common sense intact. It was a warm and windy day so the walk was pleasant even though we bitched about how we wish it could be cooler. After all, it is the end of November and hot flashing in Heisman Park was not on our agenda. Flashing in Heisman Park would have added a whole other element of fun, but only the thought crossed my mind – it was not executed. (Or was it? Maybe I flashed the Switzer statue in front of the Bud Wilkinson House – maybe I didn’t. He’ll never tell.)

PHASE 3: Friday Night

After leaving Heisman Hill (this is the new name according to Jill, even though it does not, in fact sit on a hill) we headed to check into the hotel. We hauled our bags up to the suite, admired our surroundings for a few minutes then headed down to the hotel bar. I think it was somewhere around 3:30 or 4 at this point. After being at the same bar just 2 weekends prior I already knew what I wanted. The drink is appropriately called Sooner Magic. I can’t remember what’s in it, but trust me when I tell you it is indeed magic. After 2 or 3 drinks (approximately) and a couple of hours later we decided to leave our new friends Rex and Wild Bill and grab some dinner. I would get into more detail about these new friends, but there’s not a lot to tell. Wild Bill had some bad jokes and Rex had……..I don’t really remember. All I can tell you is Jill asked him if he beats himself often. After that, the Rex memory goes black.

I talked them into going to a BBQ joint that I go to every time I’m in Norman. DISCLOSURE: Shirley was driving and had only one bloody mary – so relax. The place was packed and it was great food and service as usual. (Van’s Pig Stand . Subliminal, shameless plug.) I’m going to be real honest here; if something memorable happened during dinner, the Sooner Magic magically erased any memory of it. As we departed the restaraunt, we debated on where to head next. As the mature, responsible adults we are we decided the best plan would be to return to the hotel bar so we can hydrate some more and not have to drive anywhere.

The waitress that was working earlier was still there, and sadly (typed sarcastically) Wild Bill and Rex had departed. We found a table and began to once again order adult beverages. I can recall that I was pretty much addicted to the Sooner Magic that night and I lost count. I can’t even tell you what Jill and Shirley were drinking at that time. I think I have a fuzzy image of a margarita being placed in front of me t some point of the night though. To make a long story short, there was karaoke, there was booze, there was a stripper wannabe (nope, not me) and I am elated to report there was a big screen showing Texas losing. This is always a positive – drunk or sober. Jill and Shirley rocked the stage with a song and I continued to practice Sooner Magic. There was a karaoke God that followed an impressive version of “Fuck Me Softly” by the best performance I’ve ever seen on karaoke stage in a long time as he sang The Humpty Dance. He did not just sing this American classic, he performed it. I regret being too buzzed to record it. I don’t recall his name, but if you are reading this and were at Sooner Legends Saturday night and rocked my Humpty Hump world, I think I love you. (RIP David Cassidy)

Time got away from us, and it was time to tab out and stumble up to our room and attempt to get some rest for the big game. We successfully completed the obstacle of the stairs and landed safe and sound back in the suite that was clearly dedicated to Blake Griffin. After a brief argument as to who was going to sleep on the sofa bed (I won) we changed into our sleep wear. If you want to picture the three of us in Victoria’s Secret lingerie, go right ahead. Believe me, there wasn’t a pair of angel wings to be found in that room. I do have a riddle for you though: How many women does it take to turn a big ass leather couch into a bed? All three of us. It was a damn miracle we accomplished such a strenuous task, but we were victorious. I only wish I could celebrate with another Sooner Magic.

Shirley and Jill retreated to their room, and I fell into bed knowing I wasn’t going to get any sleep because I was too pumped up thinking about the game. (Well and because I’m an insomniac) Not to mention the fact that the very large pictures of Blake and Taylor Griffin staring scared me. I was afraid to close my eyes as I may dream of a threesome with them. I in NO WAYwant to be the meat of a Griffin sandwich. Don’t get me wrong, I was a Grffin brothers fan like every true Sooner, but that image is not one I want imbedded into my memory. I grabbed the remote and concluded real fast that I had no idea in hell how to work it. I couldn’t change the channels so I spent the rest of the night avoiding the Griffin brothers and instead getting intimate with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. When the sun came up I was still trying to decide whether or not I wanted to be NeNe’s best friend or kick her ass. The struggle is real, ya’ll.

Awake, showered and dressed in our Sooner best we were ready for the final game of the season. The last time Baker Mayfield would grace us with his greatness on Owen Field. We felt like we should kiss Blake goodbye after our one stand with him and away we went.

Phase 4 is obviously the Oklahoma vs. West Virginia game. It is also part 2 of my story. Stay tuned……….

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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I don’t think it’s a secret that I love the Oklahoma Sooners. I’m positive it is public knowledge that being on the front row of Memorial Stadium is my happy place. I love the atmosphere, I love the pandemonium, I adore the sound of hard hits right in front of me. I am blessed to be able to be at every home game to watch my team run out of the smoky tunnel to the sound of the band playing Boomer Sooner and almost 90,000 other fans yelling at the top of their Sooner loving lungs.

You know what else makes me equally as happy? (No, not THAT. Get your minds out of the gutter.) Taking my friends to a game who normally don’t get a chance to go makes me extremely happy. Especially those friends who get just as excited as I do. This was the case Saturday. I haven’t had that much fun at a game in a very long time. The 2 friends that were with me were just so damn happy to be there and their excitement lit up their faces. Just seeing how excited andoverjoyed they were completely elated me.
Of course, winning the game helps, but they were standing and cheering at the top of their lungs the entire game and high-fiving the avid fans around us. (Except for the TCU fans behind us. There wasn’t a whole lot of high-fiving happening with them.) My friends – I’ll call them Shirley and Jill – are not only true Sooner fans, they even know the game. They were happy to see warm ups, they were excited to see the band, they were completely fired up for the game. They took the experience and not only made it amazing for themselves (or at least I think they did), but for me as well. I can honestly say I have not laughed that much in such a long time. At one point I thought I was going to pee myself. Since we practically were sitting on the field, it could have been mistaken as a Gatorade victory bath. I know, I know, EWW. I’m just trying to make a point though. I laughed really hard and a lot.
We had Sooner greats walk by us and said hello, (Joe Washington, Ryan Broyles, Rufus Alexander just to name drop a few) and trust me when I tell you Jill did NOT let them pass without expressing her love for each and every one of them. All 3 of us took a stupid number of pictures so we can hold on to the memories forever. (And maybe to show off a little bit of just how close to greatness we really were) Oh, and by the way – Joe Washington remembered me from our last conversation back in September. I may or may not still be proud of that. We had cheerleaders stand right over us on the wall and we managed not to knock one over. The weather was freaking phenomenal andatmosphere was, as the kids say – LIT.
Of course, seeing Baker Mayfield up close and personal is always so very cool. This time was no different. When you’re so close and can almost reach out and touch the next Heisman winner, you know it’s a good night. Pretty sure Jill expressed her love for him too. As all good Sooner fans should. It was the perfect setting for the perfect girl’s trip. We didn’t even have to curse Mike Stoops! (I’m not going to lie, there is a good possibility we might have something negatively about him on the way to Norman. I publicly apologize, as our defense played well.) Jill learned what a Hall Pass was and Shirley learned that I may be the only other female that drops the F bomb more than her sister. We made a jumbo-tron appearance and were even part of a live podcast in Canada. (Shout out to Gabe Morency and SportsRage!)
The moral to this story is, a girl’s trip to Norman, Oklahoma to watch some football is a damn good idea. I highly suggest it. Now, please keep in mind that it won’t be as memorable or fantastic as mine, because there’s no way any other travel companions could be as fun as mine. There was booze, singing, dancing, and football. There was only one thing that could have made it better. (NOW you can put your dirty minds back into the gutter.)
Thanks Jill and Shirley, I couldn’t have dreamed a better Saturday. I laughed til I cried (and as mentioned before, almost wet myself) and our team came away with an impressive victory over those Horned Frogs. (Inside joke moment: “Frog on Frog.”) For all you ladies contemplating a football girl’s trip, just do it. I promise it is so worth it!

LEGAL DISCLOSURE: I used the names Shirley and Jill because that’s their names.
Also, in no way was a Sooner football player – past or present – harmed during this crazy girl’s trip.
Boomer Sooner!
Baker for Heisman!

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The Day After

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Hi, I’m Leesa and my beloved Sooners lost to Iowa State yesterday. At home.

They say acceptance is the first step. I have taken that step and now I’m ready to move on. Honestly, I took it better than you might think. I giggle when I look at my email inbox, my Facebook and Twitter DM’s. So many messages from well wishers and people “checking to see if I’m ok.”

Of course I’m ok. Now. I’m not going to lie. Sitting in the stadium was brutal. After all, I am an avid Oklahoma fan. Disappointed? Yes. Sad? A little bit. Mad? I did have some feelings of anger. Not because we lost, but because I felt my team did not give it 100 percent. That, of course is coming from a fan’s perspective.

I know I’m “just a female” and have never played football before……….

Well, there was that one time in college when I did partake in a touch football game. (He called it that, anyway) He thought I was dumb and didn’t understand the game at all. I mean, if he really thought I believed touch football was played one on one in an empty field somewhere past Sooner Lake in his old beat up pick up, he was the dumb one. I knew what I was doing. And if targeting were a thing back then I would have thrown not one, but two flags. He came at me head first. Much like the Sooners yesterday, this guy came up short.

Ok, enough of going down memory lane.

As I was saying, yes, I’m a female, and no I have not played the real game of football, but I do some things about the game. YOU HEAR ME, CAM NEWTON??? I do know that if our defensive players are missing tackles when they actually have their hands on a guy then that’s probably poor execution. I’m not going to get into the whole Mike Stoops controversy, but a coach can’t go out there and play the game for the guys. They can only coach. Nobody blamed a coach for when Austin Seibert missed a field goal. I’m not saying it’s NOT partially coaching, but at some point the players have to be held accountable for their own performance. Play as a team, lose as a team.

Yes, I realize Iowa State was a huge underdog and this was the first time they have beaten Oklahoma since 1990. I also realize the nation’s longest winning streak came to end yesterday. But what I don’t understand is all the negativity coming from so called “loyal” Sooners fans. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the crowd noise at the game. In my opinion, WE as fans should be much louder and bring a lot more energy into the Palace on the Prairie. We should not be so over confident in thinking our team will easily win. We were ranked number 3 in the country. Every team we play are coming for us, and coming for us in a big way. Our guys should know this. They should know nothing less than 100 percent is acceptable and needed to continue to another Big XII Championship.

And Sooner Nation should be supportive along the way. Enough of this cheering for them when they’re winning and bitching about them when they lose. It was ONE game. It happens. These are 18-22 year old kids. How dare we demand perfection. I get that playing under pressure is part of the game, but I believe the fans expect perfection, and perfection is more pressure than anyone deserves. As I mentioned above, I was disappointed, but I also know that there is still a lot of season left and I’m going to support my team win or lose. The schooner might have had a broken wheel, but I will be the first to pull over and help fix it. I’m a Sooner girl. Always and forever.

I don’t claim to have the answers for such a dismal showing yesterday, but kudos to the Cyclones for coming into Norman and playing a damn good game – especially with the quarterback situation they were dealing with. But about that flag plant……..Evrett Edwards planted a small Iowa flag in the middle of our field. Not shocking, and certainly not original. It was cute, Evrett, but I think it’s obvious that Baker’s flag pole is much bigger than yours.

Now it’s time to focus on the enemy in burnt orange. It is officially Texas Sucks week. Let’s all focus on the positive and come together like I know Sooner Nation can do and cheer our guys to victory and redemption against the evil empire known as the Longhorns. The Cotton Bowl will once again be divided, but Oklahoma fans will be there as one family and hopefully bringing the “boom” with them. Let’s be louder than we ever have been before and show our team we support them no matter what.

As I was leaving the stadium yesterday, walking in disappointed to the car, a thought occurred to me. I just spent the past night with friends I haven’t seen in a year having a fun-filled reunion. The fun spilled over into the next morning and the few hours into the stadium. We had so much fun and shared so many laughs. And now I’m going home and taking the beautiful memories with me. I might remember the loss, but I hope in the long run, those memories kick the hell out of the loss. And then I thought about in less than 10 hours it will mark a week that 58 innocent people lost thier lives in Las Vegas and more than 500 injured while just trying to have fun with thier friends and family. My heart still hurts thinking about it. I felt guilty for being upset that my team lost a game.

We should all feel fortunate that week after week we meet in huge stadiums and are lucky enough to watch our favorite teams play a game that we love. I choose to focus on the fact that there is more to life than football. As much as I love it, I love my family, friends and life more. Football is just a bonus. Think about it.

God bless everyone affected by the senseless tragedy in Vegas.

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24 – Joe Knows

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~ The number of hours in one day.

~ The number of karats in pure gold.

The number 24 is a memory to me. It is the first “football” number I can remember. When I was a very young child – a very young SOONER child the number 24 played a significant part of my childhood memories. The very first jersey I ever wore was, of course an Oklahoma jersey with the number 24 on it.

Washington was the name on back.

Joe “Silver Shoes” Washington was a running back for the University of Oklahoma in the 70’s. A Sooner legend to say the least. He finished 3rd and 5th in Heisman votes in 1974 and 1975. He is in the College Football Hall of Fame. He has plyaed in a Pro Bowl and he has won a Super Bowl with the Redskins. (XVII). Interestingly enough, he remains the only NFLplayer to ever throw a touchdown pass, catch a touchdown pass and return a kickoff for a touchdown in a single game.

So, you see “Little” Joe Washington is kind of a big deal. Especially for long time, die hard Sooner fans. Mr. Washington is a part of our storied history. Also, a part of mine as he was one, if not my dad’s favorite Sooner. Joe Washington was a household name and even though I had no idea why at such a young age, I who knew who he was. I grew up to understand just what he meant to my dad and Oklahoma football history.

If you have been a loyal reader you understand how much my dad meant to me. He is the reason I am a sports fan and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned to appreciate the passion he instilled in me. Every time I walk through the gates of Memorial Stadium I think of him. Every. Single. Time. As you may recall, Ryan Broyles was kind enough to sign a jersey for me last season. It was the last thing my dad bought for me before he passed away and I treasure this with all of my heart.

Last night I got to meet Joe Washington. Joe freakin Washington. I got to tell him how I grew up with the number 24 on my back and I got to tell him how my dad adored him. Joe smiled and then gave me a hug and told me he was sorry for the loss of my dad. He thanked me for telling him my story. I was so elated and as I looked up into the Oklahoma sky I felt my dad and his ornery, but proud grin as big as the scoreboard that hovers over Owen Field.

It’s always a thrill when you get the chance to meet one of your heroes. When it’s someone that your hero adored, it’s even more special. I was so excited and I turned to my friends and said, “I can’t believe I just taked to Joe Washington.” I enjoyed the rest of the game with a special energy that could only be explained by my dad standing right there with me.

I woke up this morning and I refelcted back to last night’s events I laid there and smiled. I smiled through the tears as I thought back to me standing there with Joe (and my dad). Though I could feel my dad “there” I wished so very much he could be there. I would give anything to see my dad standing next to Joe Washington. But guess what? On behalf of my dad, Joe knows.

Thank you, Joe Washington for being so gracious. Thank you for the memories and allowing me to feel close to my dad. You are truly an Oklahoma Sooner legend. Not only to my precious dad and myself but also to Sooner Nation.

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Baker Mayfield: Ohio Stadium Owner

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By now you know about the flag plant heard around the world of NCAA football.

Technically is was a flag plant gesture. I mean Baker Mayfield does have super powers, but even he can’t plant a flag in artificial turf. Personally, I LOVED the passion and excitement he showed. I even loved the fact that not only was it driven by a really huge victory in the Horseshoe, it clearly was also a statement move. Mayfield  publicly said he was embarrassed that the Ohio State team sang their fight song on our field last season after beating Sooners at home. I was there. I hated it too. I actually felt like Baker was not only “planting the flag”  for his team, but also for me and the rest of Sooner Nation.

Of course there was some backlash that resulted from the incident – we all knew that would happen. However, there was not near as much as I thought there would be. In fact, there was a lot more positive than negative. Obviously most of the adverse comments were from Ohio State fans and players. No surprise. They just lost a game they were favored to win. At home. Ouch. I’m a Sooner fan, I understand. We are all “in it to win it” and when it doesn’t happen it stings. You  just have to suck it up and move along. The only damage that was done was to your egos. I promise, it’ll be ok, Buckeyes.

You know who wasn’t negative? Michigan fans. In fact I had a few messages from Wolverine fans thanking me as if I orchestrated the whole thing. I only wish I had. 

Now let’s all reflect back to when said incident was happening. The Ohio State band was on the field waiting to perform the after game show and got a front row seat for the shenanigans. Every time I watch it I giggle when I see the band members standing there wondering what the heck to do. I imagine dialogue (I know, sad) like: “Hey Jimmy, should we go out there and beat the hell out him with our tubas or should we let the drum corps use their sticks as weapons of mass destruction?” They were at a loss, standing in disbelief unable to defend their precious school with their instruments. Holy crap, can you imagine the damage the baton twirlers could have done? I also pretend that when the band took the field after the Sooners left they coincidentally played “You’re a Grand Ole Flag.” That would have been pure magic. Sooner magic. Oh, and you’re welcome for putting that song in your head.

Baker did issue an apology even though, in my opinion wasn’t needed. He should not apologize for playing and winning with passion. He should not be sorry for causing no harm to anyone or anything. It was a big game and he showed big emotion. He made it clear that what happened last year bothered him and the fact that we went into one of the biggest stadiums in the country and beat the number 2 team at home is plenty of justification to deliver a message. That message is something we as Sooners fans have been missing. We need his passion. We need to see that confidence. We need to show the world we are not pretenders but legitimate contenders. Go out there with that edge and walk that walk, Baker. This is just what Oklahoma needed. Baker Mayfield is a leader and his teammates are following and displaying a will to win that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s exciting and I can not wait to see him on the field Saturday night and hear the Sooner faithful burst into a roar when he and the Sooners come through that tunnel. I only wish he would be carrying the planted flag with him.

P.S. I wish I knew the person who edited the Ohio Stadium Wiki page and made Baker Mayfield the owner. Pure genius.

God, I love college football.

Until next time, Boomer Sooner!!!

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